About Walken

Walken is an NFT walk-to-play win-to-earn game that connects healthy lifestyle, gaming and crypto.
Walken focuses on the natural human drive to walk and get moving, and incentivises players to lead a healthy lifestyle through gamifying daily activity. The steps walked in real life are converted into the in-game soft currency - Gems - for further uses to level up CAThletes (in-game characters) as well as for an array of other in-game activities. CAThletes compete in running disciplines for $WLKN tokens - SPL-Tokens based on Solana Smart Contract.
The more a player walks, the stronger their CAThlete gets, winning them more tokens per competition in. Thus, physical activity directly impacts players income and how high they score in the game!
Leveraging the user-friendly UI and simple fun gameplay spice up with sustainable economy, Walken brings a whole new level of adoption and engagement. We aim to onboard thousands of non-crypto people and let them experience what the blockchain and DeFit has to offer.
Walken is currently in public Beta, so contents of the knowledge base could be subject to change in the future.
Last modified 2mo ago