🎨#MyWalkenNFT Contest

#MyWalkenNFT Contest: We Will Mint Best CAThlete-Inspired Artworks!

  • Dates: November 1, 2022 3:00 UTC β€” November 20, 2022 12:00 UTC

  • Submission Deadline: November 14, 12:00 (UTC)

  • 12 Winners: short-listed by the Walken Team, voted on by Community in the official Walken Twitter account;


  • 1st place (3 winners): 1000 WLKN + Premium CAThlete Lootbox

  • 2nd place (3 winners): 1000 WLKN + Super CAThlete Lootbox

  • 3nd place (6 winners): 1000 WLKN + Basic CAThlete Lootbox

10 randomly selected entries will receive 200 WLKN each!

A shout-out to our ever creative Community, amateurs and professionals alike! Thrilled to invite you to dust off your brushes (or turn on your tablet) and take part in the #MyWalkenNFT Contest!

We know you love CAThletes β€” who can possibly resist their charm and cuteness? β€” and it makes our hearts melt to see your Walken-themed drawings and artworks you share in socials (Halloween-inspired ones are the best, honestly!) Many thanks for tagging us and letting us see your masterpieces 🎯

Your infinite creativity inspired us to launch a contest and offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity for your Walken-inspired artwork to be turned into an exclusive full-fledged NFT β€” and to win you awesome prizes! And the best part is that you may submit as many artworks as you please (but make sure to make each a separate entry). If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to sharpen your pencils, you’re welcome πŸ˜‰

Can’t wait to see what our talented Community comes up with! Good luck!

How to Enter

  • Create a CAThlete-themed artwork using whatever tool or tools that feel best: you may draw, paint, sketch β€” it’s up to you! Your artwork may feature not just a CAThlete(s) but a CAThlete(s) in any setting or with any object(s) you wish. Unleash your creativity!

  • Follow @walken_io on Twitter;

  • Share your original CAThlete-inspired artwork on Twitter using the hashtag #MyWalkenNFT and mentioning @walken_io. Multiple entries are allowed! And don’t forget to title your masterpiece!

Contest Timeline & Voting

Entries will be accepted until November 14, 12:00 (UTC).

On November 15, the Walken Team will shortlist and announce 24 quarter-finalists. The quarter-finalists will be determined at the discretion of the Walken team, with creativity, quality, and thematic relevance being the main criteria.

On November 16, public voting on Twitter begins. It will take place in the official Walken Twitter account @walken_io from November 16, 12:00 (UTC) to November 19, 5:59 PM (UTC). The 24 quarter-finalists will be divided into pairs, with voting to commence until we have the final three first place winners.

  • During the quarter-final stage (November 16, 12:00 (UTC) β€” November 17, 11:59 (UTC)), the 24 quarter-finalists will be randomly divided into 12 pairs for voting (2 entries in each), with the winner of each vote becoming a semi-finalist. Those 12 participants who do not advance won’t be able to compete for prizes.

  • During the semi-final stage (November 17, 3:00 PM (UTC) β€” November 18, 2:59 PM (UTC)), the 12 semi-finalists will be paired into 6 β€œmatch-ups”, with the winner of each vote becoming the finalist. Those who do not advance will become the third place winners eligible to 1000 WLKN + Basic CAThlete Lootbox.

  • During the final stage (November 18, 6:00 PM (UTC) β€” November 19, 5:59 PM (UTC)), the 6 finalists will be paired into 3 β€œmatch-ups”, the winner of each vote becoming the first place winner eligible for 1000 WLKN + Premium CAThlete Lootbox. The other 3 participants will become the second place winners eligible for 1000 WLKN + Super CAThlete Lootbox.

On November 20, 12:00 (UTC) we will officially announce the winners and distribute rewards.

Submission Rules & Requirements

  • The Participant must have full copyright of their submitted work (no plagiarism).

  • Submissions containing screenshots of the Walken application, collages, video, or animation are NOT accepted.

  • Submissions that do not contain a CAThlete(s) are NOT accepted.

  • Multiple submissions are accepted, yet each artwork must be submitted as a separate entry. Submitting multiple artworks in one entry will be qualified as one entry.

  • The Walken Team reserves the right to disqualify entries when authenticity and originality cannot be verified.

  • By submitting an entry, the Participant is giving permission for Walken to share their work on all social media platforms and public-facing channels. In addition, the Participant is giving Walken permission to show, copy, or use your work (including the right to create, issue and sell multiple NFTs of your work) for giveaway and marketing purposes.

  • The participants who submit non-winning entries will retain ownership over their artwork.

  • Entries must be submitted on Twitter with the accompanying hashtag #MyWalkenNFT and @walken_io mention. Being a follower of @walken_io is required.

  • Entries submitted outside of Twitter are NOT accepted. Entries submitted on Twitter but not meeting all the entrance requirements (having the accompanying hashtag #MyWalkenNFT and @walken_io mention) are NOT accepted. Walken reserves the right to unilaterally exclude any entry from consideration for any reason.

  • During the public voting stage, any form of voting manipulation is strictly prohibited. Walken reserves the right to unilaterally assign places to the winning entries should there be any suspicion of voting manipulation or other fraud taking place.

  • Walken reserves the right to cancel or amend any contest or contest rules at our sole discretion.

  • Only participants that meet all the entry requirements are eligible to be nominated and receive prizes. Entries will be validated prior to the winners being drawn. If an entry does not meet the requirements it will be removed from the list of quarter-finalists.

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