Isle Clash

Isle Clashes - a new team-played PvP mode in Walken that comes not as a substitute to the current PvP mode but as a new exciting alternative. This is an epic team-based PvP mode, a sort of relay race across an island but played out like an exhilarating card strategy. Definitely a breath of fresh air! This mode will be available for level 6+ CAThletes and requires at least one island and 5 CAThletes to participate.

Once you'll have an Isle, head right to the Competitions screen and tap Isle Clash to form a team. Here’s how it works:

  1. You start by pressing the Isle Clash button on the Competition screen, then choose an island to be used for this clash (pay attention to the available energy and the island’s booster and debuff charges).

  2. Next, form a dream team of five formidable CAThletes, each possessing their unique skills and attributes, to face off against another team of five.

Here CAThletes are not constrained by leagues or levels: it is possible to create a team consisting of CAThletes of level 7 up to level 15. But form your team wisely: the total CAThleticism score will be key to the team’s eligibility to compete for a certain reward. You’ll also get matched with a rival team based on the CAThleticism score. Moreover, the player with the highest team CAThleticism score takes the initial turn.

Once the team is all set, just confirm the transaction and launch the Clash.

In a nutshell, your team engages in card-based gameplay; the team with the most winning card pairs at the finish line is crowned the Isle Clash champion and takes it all (the clash rewards, we mean). It’s not just about having the mightiest CAThlete, and speed alone won’t win the day; it’s about unveiling your cards wisely for ultimate triumph.

At this point we’d like to emphasise that it takes island energy and no CAThletes’ energy to participate in Isle Clash, which essentially means that you can compete in 3 different modes at once: the PvE CAThletic Games; the classic PvP Duels, and soon — Isle Clash.

It all begins with meeting your rival and a random discipline; remember that the player whose team has a greater total CAThleticism score starts the game. The action unfolds turn by turn, so you can’t just rush in guns blazing (or paws, in this case).

  1. You and your opponent will take turns strategically playing all your cards, making every move count. Plan, plot, and outwit your opponent, one card at a time — they just don’t know whom they’re dealing with. Yet.

Mind that the time to complete each turn is limited. If you don't confirm a card before you run out of time for this turn, your turn will be auto-performed with a random card of yours.

And here’s the twist: you don’t see your opponent’s CAThletes stats right till the end, only their CAThleticism scores and appearances.

  1. After all the 5 pairs of cards get played, each player must use a single booster and/or a single debuff. Note that if your island has run out of booster and/or debuff charges, you won't be able to start a clash.

  2. And the cherry on top — the discipline boost powered by Mysberries applies automatically to the one stat (of all your team members) that is most effective in that particular type of the race, that’s further boosting your chances. A solid Mysberry stock has never been so important in maximizing your strengths and securing those crucial wins, has it?

  3. For each pair of CAThletes, the winner is defined by CAThleticism: the one with a greater score (with the boosters and debuffs applied, if the players have them) wins.

  4. The total number of winning pairs determines the winner of the clash who gets the WLKN reward. A draw is possible if each player has 2 winning pair, and the CAThletes in the third one have equal CAThleticism scores. In this case both players get the Mysberry entry costs refunded.

Summing Up

Are you excited for the new mode? As we're getting closer to the grand release day by day, here's what makes Isle Clashes so special:

  • Assemble your ultimate team — it’s an exhilarating adventure within the world of Walken. You get to mix and match various CAThletes, each with their unique traits, to uncover the winning combinations for any competition.

  • Unprecedented control over the outcome — the result of the clash relies heavily on your strategic choices, and even boosters work only on the most effective stat, reducing the role of randomness to a minimum, just enough to keep things spicy :)

  • Play in 3 modes — your energy from the island is the ticket to these clashes, saving CAThlete energy. That means you can immerse yourself in PvE CAThletic Games, classic PvP Duels, and now, thrilling Isle Battles, all at once. It’s a triple play you won’t want to miss.

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