Walken Blocks

Walken Blocks is another game within the Cuze - a Walken-centric ecosystem of hybrid-casual games that reflects our vision for the future of web3 and DeFi gaming. It offers a new opportunity to gain $WLKN, GEM, and Mysberries, which in turn raises the utility of these assets. Get ready for a brand new, addictive and strategic gaming experience to skyrocket your score and claim fabulous rewards that will propel your progress in Walken!

How to Play

The core gameplay is to combine the identical blocks to reach as big number on them as possible and thus earn rewards, which will require careful planning and strategic thinking. But here's the twist - the merging frenzy doesn't stop at 2048!

  1. Download the app via the link: https://walkenblocks.onelink.me/w8Nw/vqdxoenp

  2. Tap the 'Earn Money! button to connect your Walken wallet and earn $WLKN, Mysberries and Gems right to your Walken account. Mind that if you don't log into your Walken account, you won't be able to collect rewards.

  1. Once logged in, you'll face a grid consisting of several columns and rows, that will gradually get filled with colorful blocks. Just swipe (left or right) to choose the column & tap to place the block, combine blocks with the same numbers (and the same color) into one, next-tier block. For example, blue block 2 + blue block 2 = orange block 4; orange block 4 + orange block 4 = green block 8.

  2. Move strategically to merge the same blocks into higher-tier blocks, reaching greater numbers. After every 20 moves, you'll need to watch one ad. Feel free to keep playing at your heart's content: the number of moves is unlimited!

  1. Starting from 512, blocks can be exchanged for rewards ($WLKN, GEMs, Mysberries, and Crystals (the game's soft currency)). The specific type and amount of rewards will be determined by the value of the block being exchanged. The higher the number on the block, the higher is the reward.You may exchange any block starting from 512 and on (1024, 2048, 4096, etc.) every time you reach it, OR keep on playing to score higher and win big.

Please note that it is possible to complete up to 5 block-to-reward exchanges per day.

Note that opting for this exchange will reset your block score and you'll need to start combining blocks anew.

  1. The game ends when there are no more possible moves available: one of the columns gets completely filled up with blocks.

  2. Green Crystals serve as the in-game soft currency that is earned by merging new blocks. When you unlock a new block with a number you haven't scored before, you can multiply the reward in crystals.

  1. These crystals can be used to purchase boosters β€œSMASH” and β€œSWAP” within the game. For extra fun and strategizing, there is a Crystal Box where crystals accumulate, resulting from merging blocks with crystals on them. When the box is full, you can open it and claim the accumulated crystals.

So, stay focused, analyze the board, and make your moves wisely. Remember, the game ends when the entire column is filled, but until then, the possibilities are endless. How high can you push your score? Embark on an exhilarating journey of merging, scoring, and reaping rewards. Download Walken Blocks now and discover a world where breaking records not only brings you glory but also unlocks a realm of exciting possibilities within the Cuze. Are you ready to push your limits and harness the power of your achievements?

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