Walken Runner

How to play and earn in Walken Runner

Walken Runner is the first hybrid-casual game of the Walken ecosystem of hybrid-casual games embodying our vision of the future of web3 and DeFi gaming. Its release is the first step towards our ambitious goal, and we are set to raise NFT, $WLKN, gem, and Mysberry utility in the future side games. Apart from a super fun addition to the Walken application, it will also be a new opportunity to earn $WLKN tokens. Moreover, the revenue generated from ad views will be allocated for $WLKN token buybacks, which will contribute to sustainability and help support the token price.

DOWNLOAD APPLICATION: https://walkenrunner.onelink.me/Yb9y/f8jts7zb

The core gameplay of the updated version remains the same: run, pass gates, upgrade stats, collect crystals, and avoid obstacles to get the CAThlete ready to bring down the walls and defeat bosses. But going a layer deeper, it’s getting far more engaging and dynamic:

  • much deeper integration with the main Walken app in terms of assets;

  • a completely new opportunity for players to earn $WLKN tokens, GEM, and Mysberries; It’s just the first step in raising asset utility: soon your progress in Walken will have a direct impact on your success in Walken Runner (and other upcoming games)!

  • for some time there will be no time-limited events like seasons or tournaments: you may play, have fun and earn rewards rewards anytime;

  • no leaderboard-based reward distribution; you may commit as much as you feel like and earn rewards that reflect your progress and achievements.

How to Play

Designed as a classic hybrid-casual runner game, Walken Runner will invite you to join a CAThlete for a run with a mighty enemy at the end of the track. You’ll need to pass gates, upgrade health and attack stats, collect gems, and avoid obstacles to succeed, but do it smartly to get the CAThlete ready to smash the walls and defeat the enemy!

Walken Runner remains completely free to play and with no entry requirements like special NFT or fee.

Yet to leverage its potential in terms of Walken asset utility, players would need to sign in with their Walken account (via the same email used to sign up in Walken).

That is, the new version is tied directly to the main Walken application via wallet allowing players to earn $WLKN, Gem, and Mysberries to be later used in the main Walken app, raising the utility of these assets.

  • The gameplay is nice and easy: run, grab crystals simultaneously dodging collisions with objects on the way, and pass gates;

  • To start a run, tap at the middle of the main screen. Each run costs 1 energy from your 5-energy pool. 1 energy refills in 30 minutes, if you’d like to speed it up, it is possible to refill energy for 50 Mysberries. You can refiill energy with Mysberries max 5 times in 6 hours.

  • The more crystals you collect and use to boost stats, the more likely you are to defeat the enemy;

  • Boost your health and attack by passing through the maximum number of green gates and avoid red ones.

  • The sum of health and attack crashed the walls;

  • At the end of each track the CAThlete faces three walls and a boss. It’s all about your stats: the sum of health and attack crashes the walls and defines the outcome of your rendezvous with a boss. The battle is autoplayed. So the more crystals you collect and use to upgrade level and stats, the more likely you are to defeat the boss and earn a treasured ticket.

  • Once you’ve collected 10 tickets you'll get a chest with $WLKN, GEM, crystals, and Mysberries rewards inside. The chests come in three variations (basic, silver, and golden) and are dropped randomly in exchange for tickets. There are four slots for chests on the main screen, and players may have no more than four unopened chests at a time (mind that if there are no spare slots, further chests will not be given in exchange for tickets). A chest goes right to a spare slot and remains there until opened. Each chest takes a certain time to open, which can be skipped for Mysberries:

    • basic - 3 hours or 30 Mysberries;

    • silver - 8 hours or 80 Mysberries;

    • golden - 24 hours or 240 Mysberries.

  • When the chest is ready to open, tap it and grab your WLKN, GEM, crystals, and Mysberries reward (the amount drop varies depending on the type of a box). It goes straight to your Walken wallet, which is accessible from the wallet icon on the main screen, and can be further used in Walken.


As a reward for your effort after defeating 500 bosses, you will get the Ultimate Chest. It provides you with the greatest reward ever found in Walken Runner chests: up to 1000 WLKN, 500 GEM, and 2000 Mysberries! Now the bosses you defeat are being counted, and you are getting closer to the chest with each one.

πŸ”” Please note that it is a beaten boss that counts, not a completed level.

Besides, once the Ultimate Chest is claimed, your progress resets (namely level, character upgrades, boss count, and crystalls) so you can start anew towards your next Ultimate Chest. At the same time the win streak and ticket count remain as well as the chests in your slots, and the energy gets refilled for free.

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