❓How to Handle Connection Issues

Problem: Walken can't connect to server and 'No connection' message is displayed when trying to launch (see the screenshot below)

Explanation 1: Poor network quality

Walken requires a strong Internet connection to work. Intermittent or unstable network may cause a failure to connect and launch Walken.

Try these fixes:

  • check whether your device is connected to Internet;

  • restart of your modem and your router (or all-in-one wireless gateway);

  • switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data;

  • turn on airplane mode for 10 seconds and then turn it off;

  • disable and enable your mobile data;

  • restart your device.

Explanation 2: Regional restrictions

Players from certain regions may experience issues with establishing connection with the server. As a result, these users may face longer app launch time, issues with updating step data or energy, or troubles with competitions.

This connection issue can be addressed by using VPN:

  1. Download and install VPN (for instance, https://tachyon.eco/);

  2. Turn it on and select the USA, for example, as your region;

  3. Open the Walken app.

Once a player has VPN switched on, the connection will be established successfully and data sync issues will be resolved.

Please note that VPN is needed only while a player uses the Walken application, no need to run it on the background all the time. VPN is not required for steps collection by a mobile or wearable device; however, in case of facing connection issues, it is recommended to have VPN switched on while launching and using Walken.

Please note that the speed of connection depends on the VPN used and premium VPNs generally allow for faster connection.

A note from Walken team:

From our end, users’ location makes no difference when it comes to playing Walken. Walken application required a solid connection to operate, which could be achieved by VPN as well. Unfortunately, we can not change the fact that some regions may be cut off from our servers. Yet we assure that we do not restrict access for any region from our end.

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