$WLKN Staking

Flexible Staking

Locked Staking

Walken Earn β€” $WLKN staking opportunity right in the Walken application that will take your Walken experience to a whole new level. Staking $WLKN holdings and earning a reward over time will add another level of depth to Walken, boost token utility, empower players to invest and earn in a new way, and incentivize them to hold $WLKN earning a reward. On a larger scale, staked tokens get temporarily removed from circulation, contributing to a healthier economy of the game and supporting the $WLKN token.

Walken players can stake under flexible (Flexible Staking) and fixed terms (Locked Staking) enjoying the variety of staking plans to pick from. Staking will be enabled right in the Walken application saving time and effort for our players.

On top of staking reward, there will be extra benefits for players that stake their $WLKN holdings:

  • priority in Walken NFT Sales;

  • in-game rewards and benefits (special airdrops among everyone staking; special tournaments, etc.) that will be added in future Walken updates.

Your Rank will not be affected; staked tokens are taken into consideration for Rank calculation. So you may have the best of both worlds: stake, earn rewards, and keep your Rank!

Walken Earn Products

Currently there are 5 staking plans available: 4 locked staking and 1 flexible staking. Each option differs in staking period duration and APR: the longer the term is, the more a player can earn. Feel free to easily check and compare all the plans taking into account their details:

  • APR,

  • duration,

  • pool liquidity,

  • status.

APR or annual percentage rate refers to the annual rewards rate you earn for staking your funds for a whole year. That is only the interest earned on the original stake.

Pool liquidity refers to the total amount of staking rewards allocated for a particular staking product. Staking rewards are credited from this pool to the accounts of the players who staked their tokens. Pool liquidity for a particular product may vary at different times to ensure Walken Earn sustainability. Once the pool liquidity limits for a particular product are reached, no more stakings will be processed.

Pool liquidity comes from Treasury β€” community-generated tokens put aside from the token circulation supply and allocated for staking, rewards, airdrops, etc β€” and is replenished on a regular basis.

Status indicates a percentage of it being filled indicates the staking reward limit progress; once all the tokens from the pool are allocated for stakes within a particular product, it will be closed and not accepting any more stakes.

Apart from the pool liquidity limits per product, there’s a stake limit: the total amount of tokens staked in each product can not be fewer than a certain amount and can not exceed a certain amount $WLKN. This limit ensures fair participation and varies from product to product and is indicated on the product page. Say you staked 50.000 $WLKN for 9 months as part of 9 months locked staking product while the stake limit for that product is for example 100.000 per user; you can stake another 50.000 within the same product (create another staking position), and that’ll be the max amount you can stake within this product. Yet if you wish to stake more, you may choose another product and create a stake there, minding its stake limit.

Walken Earn may adjust stake limits at its own discretion. Current stake limits are available in the Walken application.

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