Wallets in Walken

There are four Wallets in the game: a blue one, a golden-orange one, a purple one and an emerald one, and each serves an important function.

  • The blue Wallet is used for Gems, in-game soft currency;

  • The orange one stores your $WLKN tokens;

  • The purple one is used for SOLs;

  • The emerald Wallet is used for Mysberries;

  • The turquoise one is for managing USDT (SOL network only).

All the wallets can be accessed on the Home screen (on the tap bar at the bottom of the screen) to check your current balance of Gems and tokens, as well as view all transactions for each currency and Mysberries.

The introduction of the wallet for Mysberries made it more easier to keep track of all your Mysberries: here you can check Mysberries balance, current boost, all transactions and also be able to purchase Mysberries.

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