How to compete in PvP

Duels β€” the PvP mode β€” are online competitions among players; the rewards are considerably higher than in the former PvE mode, yet the competition is naturally tougher. Here CAThletes’ skills are put to test, and players may also rank up the Tournament leaderboards to reap rich rewards for their performance.

Duels are available starting League 4 (that is for CAThletes on level 6 and higher). Also, be sure to set a profile picture and name before you start.

  • CAThleticism: Your Secret Weapon

CAThleticism encapsulates the true essence of a CAThlete's potential: it’s a total score of the 3 attributes of the character, plus the stat points of the sweet, stylish outfits your CAThlete wears. Think of it as the ultimate representation of their all-round potential and awesomeness. It’ll be indicated alongside with the good old strength, stamina, and speed stats.

  • More Inclusive & Thrilling Duels Awaits

It's not just about being rare, it's about being fierce. In this revolutionary PvP transformation, we're shaking things up with a system that groups CAThletes based on their CAThleticism scores. It's time to let real power do the talking in those Duels, right?

So, the entry requirements for CAThletes to duel for 3 available rewards will be based on CAThleticism, where every CAThlete will find their rightful place. This innovation ensures that duels are no longer determined solely by rarity, but by the actual might and potential of your CAThlete.

A CAThlete will be able to duel for 1 of the 3 rewards, based on CAThleticism score required to join in. Please note that the other 2 rewards will be unavailable for this CAThlete. This means that, for example, a CAThlete whose CAThleticism score allows to duel for the highest reward won't be available to him.

Imagine going head-to-head in PvP knowing you're on an even playing field. It's about strategy, skill, and unleashing your CAThlete's true potential. The thrill of these battles is going to be off the charts – get ready for some heart-pounding action! With CAThleticism, you're not limited to rarity – you're playing to your CAThlete's strengths and style. It's a whole new chapter in the Walken adventure, and you're at the heart of it.

To compete in Duels, players get to:

  • select the League;

Note that the discipline will be random

  • select a CAThlete that would join the race;

Both NFT and non-NFT CAThletes of level 6 and higher are eligible;

  • select the amount of reward they’d like to compete for. The reward a CAThlete is eligible to compete for will be auto-selected after you tap to select this CAThlete;

  • pick a booster (also known as buff) β€” Energy Drink, or a Laser pen that works as a distraction for the opponent (also known as debuff). Turn on auto-selection of the 2 boosters for all duels, forgetting about manual selection before every duel;

  • start searching for a rival and wait to get matched with another player who is online and willing to participate in a similar duel.

Each Duel costs a certain amount of Mysberries (CAThletes need to build their strength, right?) and energy unit(s), both are non-refundable no matter the outcome of the race. If we consider the PvE competitions you’re well familiar with, the cost to participate in them is 1 energy per race; when it comes to Duels, each one costs Mysberries on top of energy unit(s). The higher the League and the reward, the higher the entrance fee both in Mysberries and energy.

Please note: You do not pay any WLKN to participate in Duels. The Mysberries and energy for the race are deducted only if the search for a rival is successful, at the start of the duel.

In addition to the Duels, we've added new wallet for Mysberries and now it's become more easier to keep track of all your Mysberries: here you can check balance, current boost, all transactions and also be able to purchase Mysberries.

Once a player gets matched with another player, the duel begins automatically. CAThletes are compared against each other in terms of stats, just like in the PvE competitions, with boosters in place. The winner takes it all!

The $WLKN reward goes to the winner’s pending balance.

At the end of the race you’ll be able to view and share the duel results to socials.

Putting it simply, to compete in Duels players need to have at least one CAThlete eligible to participate in League 4 or higher and having the required number of energy units plus enough Mysberries to pay the entrance fee for the selected Duel.

And here's the fast-forward feature!

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