Locked Staking

Staking for a fixed term in Walken β€” Locked Staking β€” means locking a certain amount of $WLKN tokens in for the selected duration for APR without an option to unlock the principal before the end of the term. Moreover, at the end of the locked period only the principal can be withdrawn β€” that is the initial stake. Early redemptions are not allowed.

Please be aware that locked staking rewards are subject to a lock equal in duration to the staking period duration of the plan.

To receive your staking reward β€” the percentage earned on your stake β€” you will need to wait till the end of the reward unlock period.

Currently, there are 4 locked staking plans (also known as Walken Earn products):

  • 4 months (40% APR);

  • 9 months (100% APR);

  • 12 months (150% APR);

  • 18 months (250% APR);

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