How to compete?

To enter a competitions, follow these steps:
  • Tap ‘Competitions’ on the tap bar;
  • Select a League for a CAThlete to compete in;
  • Select a discipline to compete in;
  • Select a CAThlete to join the competition;
  • Wait for the algorithms to find you a rival. Once it’s found, the competition starts automatically.
  • If your CAThlete wins the race, tap the button claim the reward. If you’re defeated, better luck next time!
📝 Tips:
  • Compete in the highest League available for your CAThlete to earn the highest possible amount of $WLKN.
  • Select a discipline that your CAThlete has the highest chances to win in, based on its highest stats, and play to its strength.
  • Browse Marketplace for items that could boost the stats you’re looking for.