How to compete?

Depending on the level of your CAThlete and the League it is eligible to compete in, there are different options for competing. Follow the steps below as a general guide:

  • Tap "Competitions" on the tap bar;

  • Choose a competition you'd like to take part in (if you want to compete in PvP mode, choose "PvP Duels" or "Isle Clash". If you'd like to join PvE, choose "Competition" or "The CAThletic Games);

  • Select a League for a CAThlete to compete in;

  • Select a CAThlete to join the competition;$

  • You may need to select a discipline to compete in (for PvE, Leagues I-III). Skip this step for Duels and CAThletic Games;

  • Wait for the algorithms to find you a rival. Once it’s found, the competition starts automatically.

  • If your CAThlete wins the race, tap the button claim the reward. If you’re defeated, better luck next time!

πŸ“ Tips:

  • Select a discipline that your CAThlete has the highest chances to win in, based on its highest stats, and play to its strength.

  • Browse Marketplace for items that could boost the stats you’re looking for.

  • Stock up on Mysberries for higher booster (see this chapter for more info).

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