🎁Lootbox Lottery

As Valentine's Day draws near, πŸ’• love is in the air, so clear! Ready to make your CAThletes cheer, we're spreading joy and love with a trendy gear!

Important notice: Apple is not involved in any way with the event and is not a sponsor.


It's almost that time of year again, when hearts are aflutter and the air is buzzing with sweet excitement. But fear not, we promise not to overload you with heart-shaped confetti just yet! Instead, get ready for a whisker-twitching adventure where you will have a chance to get your hands on exclusive NFT-items from a lovely Valentine's-inspired collection in the upcoming PURR-FECT VALENTINE LOTTERY! From cute outfits to adorable accessories, it's all about spreading the love!

πŸ—“ When:

Application phase: February 9 - 13, 10 AM UTC

Distribution: February 13

🐾 Where:

Walken app version 1.14.7

🎁 Looboxes:

4000 Item Lootboxes (2000 Basic, 1000 Super, 1000 Premium)

πŸͺ™ Prices:

Basic Lootbox - 300 $WLKN or 0,0135 SOL

Super Lootbox - 500 $WLKN or 0,0225 SOL

Premium Lootbox - 1200 $WLKN or 0,054 SOL

WINNERS will be publically announced!


βœ”οΈ Each box guarantees one NFT themed Item of Clothing.

βœ”οΈ Each player may apply for 1 Item box.

βœ”οΈThe application is free. Payment will only be required to purchase the box in case you win. Please note that you’d need to select the token you'd like to purchase the box for right at opening a box.

A special treat for our cherished Walken players: The first 500 participants with 75K $WLKN and more (total on their main wallet balance AND staked tokens) are GUARANTEED to win the box they applied for.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Players with accounts created at least 7 days ago (with the account age 7 days and more) and

  • Players who have at least one CAThlete of 2+ Level in their Collectibles.

  • One more requirement is having sufficient funds on the balance at the time of application up to distribution of the Lootboxes (the amount should equal or exceed the price of the box or boxes you apply for).

Important note: Applying is free and does not guarantee a Lootbox. The winners will be chosen randomly from applicants and will get an opportunity to purchase the Lootbox(es) they applied for. The Lootboxes will be distributed on February 13, 2024 and will automatically go to your Collectibles --> Lootboxes.The tokens will be deducted from your $WLKN / SOL account (depending on your choice when opening the box) at opening the box.

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