Breeding Pairs & Requirements

CAThletes are genderless, so players can breed any two CAThletes they own. Yet only NFT characters are eligible for breeding, that is level 6-15 CAThletes. Moreover, it is perfectly possible to breed CAThletes of different levels (but no less than level 6).

Each CAThlete can engage in breeding a limited number of times, with the next breeding getting more expensive than the previous one. The number of times a CAThlete has engaged in breeding versus the total number of breedings it can take part in is indicated by its Breed Count (you may check it following these steps: open Collectibles Screen β€” tap CAThletes β€” scroll to Statistics box). Once all the available breedings from the Breed Count are used, the CAThlete can no longer be selected for breeding.

The total number of available breedings is determined by the rarity and can not be changed; the higher the rarity, the more breedings are available for a CAThlete. Currently the max breed counts per rarity are as follows:

  • common: 3;

  • uncommon: 4;

  • rare: 5;

  • epic: 6;

  • legendary: 7.

Please note that a CAThlete coming from breeding is not an NFT by default. If you choose to have it minted, the comission is 0.05 SOL.

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