Marketplace Slots

All players can simultaneously sell up 3 CAThletes and 3 items. NFTs are put up for sale via special slots, and once a players runs out of spare slots, they have to wait for a sell to be completed or remove a currently selling NFT from the Marketplace in order to sell something else.

After a successful sell, a slot goes into a 3-day cool-down and can’t be used again before it ends.

Cancelling sell doesn't trigger slot cooldown, and the slot will be available as soon as the NFT removed from marketplace gets back into your Collectibles.

Starting update 1.9.14, high-ranking players can use additional slots:

  • +1 slot for CAThletes and 1 for items becomes available for players at rank 7 and 8 (they have a total of 4 slots);

  • Another +1 slot is available to players of rank 9 and 10 (they have 5 slots in total).

Since rank is dynamic and a player can both increase and decrease their rank, changes in a player's rank will affect the number of slots available to them.

Let's consider some examples.

Example 1:

A players was at rank 10 and could use 5 slots. They put 5 CAThletes up for sale, occupying all available slots.

One CAThlete was sold successfully, and the slot it was in is now in a 3-day cooldown. The players decided to remove the second CAThlete from sale, thus freeing up another slot (which is not in a cool-down). They now have 3 slots occupied, one in cooldown, and one ready to use.

The player's rank drops to 7, meaning they lose 1 of the additional slots.

The player attempts to list another CAThlete for sale, but fails: the ready-to-use extra slot has disappeared (NOT the one in cool-down), leaving the player with 3 occupied slots and 1 in cool-down.

Example 2:

A user of rank 7 listed a CAThlete (screenshot 1 below) for sale and then dropped to rank 5 before the CAThlete was sold. The CAThlete will remain in this slot until it is sold or removed from sale. In case of a successful sell, the slot goes into cool-down (screenshot 2). After the cooldown of the fourth slot ends, this fourth slot disappears because it is unavailable to users of rank 5.

Please note that in the second example, the rank drop from 7 to 5 was made before the CAT was sold, leading to the slot remaining occupied despite the rank change.

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