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How to download Walken and create an account

Walken Team are all over the moon to announce that Walken continues with its beta testing at the next level and welcomes everyone to the PUBLIC BETA! 💥 We are more than sure that our community won’t miss their chance to enjoy the game and team up with their CAThletes😺to fight for $WLKN! Join the game and prove your CAThlete best in show! 🏆
1. To start, use the links to download the app (both Android and iOS versions are available):
2. Once you've downloaded and installed the app, choose the sign in method and proceed to creating a new crypto Wallet. Make sure to write down a secret recovery phrase, which consists of 12 words, and to keep it safe.
Once a player has a Wallet, it’s time to meet their first CAThlete. Each player gets one free level 0 CAThlete generated randomly from a set of genes. Having met this CAThlete, a player is now ready to start playing and earning.