Competition Rewards

CAThletes compete for rewards - WLKN tokens. For each competition won, players recieve a certain amount of WLKNs to their yellow Wallet. To improve the app performance and reduce the amount of micro transactions on the blockchain, we introduce a 'money-box' or 'reward pool' to collect and store the tokens (pending balance) received as rewards for competitions.

⚠️ Walken guarantees each player the tokens they gained from competitions. These tokens can be transferred to the blockchain Wallet any time once the two requirements for transfer are met:

  • a player has at least 1 NFT (CAThlete or NFT-item from Marketplace - a T-shirt, shoes, hat, accessory, artefact or shorts) on their wallet;

  • a player has reached the minimum pending WLKN balance required to make a transfer (which is the minimum transaction amount). Once they have the minimum WLKN amount on the pending balance, the 'Push to wallet' button turns blue and becomes active. Tap it to send the tokens to your WLKN wallet.

πŸ“ The specific amount of the minimum WLKNs balance required to make a transfer may change during the beta test. To learn the amount necessary to transfer the tokens, tap on the Pending balance block.

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