❓How to withdraw Walken Runner Tournament reward?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to withdraw USDT and turn them into fiat money.

Every week 106 lucky Walken Runner players win USDT rewards that go right to their Walken wallets. In Walken game ecosystem, one account is shared across all the games allowing you to collect and reuse assets. The control center so to say of all your assets is the Walken app, so there you'll find your USDT reward and be able to manage it in a few taps.


To manage this reward and turn USDT into real money on your bank card, let's first log into Walken using your Walken Runner account credentials.

If you are an experienced Walken player and already logged into your account in Walken, feel free to skip this step and proceed to creating an account on Bybit in this chapter.

  1. Download and install the Walken app: for iPhone or for Android.

  2. Sign into your account using exactly the same login method, email, and the 12-word phrase that you used to start playing Walken Runner - that is your Walken ecosystem account credentials.

    • To find out what email and login method is associated with your account, open Walken Runner β†’ tap Settings β†’ Safety β†’ Profile info β†’ Authorization method;

    • To find your 12-word phrase associated with your Walken wallet (in case you didn't write it down before), open Walken Runner β†’ tap Settings β†’ Safety β†’ View my recovery phrase.

  3. Once you have your account details ready, go back to Walken and sign in. Please refer to the picture below for illustrated steps: Open Walken --> Select the login method you have in Walken Runner --> Select 'I have an account' --> Enter the 12-word phrase --> Proceed to meeting your CAThlete!

Please pay attention to the 12 words you're entering, make sure there are no typos and spaces before or after each word.

NEVER SHARE YOUR 12-WORD PHRASE OR PRIVATE KEY WITH ANYONE: this will lead to all your assets lost for good.

  1. Once signed in, you'll arrive at the Home screen, at the top of it there are wallets. Swipe left to find the USDT wallet card with your reward along with the Withdraw button.

Please note that USDT wallet is not yet available but will be added to Walken before the first tournament prizes distribution.

IMPORTANT: in order to withdraw tokens from the app, you'll need to pay blockchain gas fee in SOL. It is recommended to have at least 0,003 SOL on your wallet to power up any blockchain transaction. Refer to this guide if you need to buy SOL and send them to your Walken wallet.


Now that you've followed these steps and successfully signed into the main Walken app, it's time to create an account on crypto exchange - for example, Bybit - to withdraw your reward and trade it for real money.

  1. Create an account on Bybit or log into an existing one in the Bybit mobile app. Read this chapter to learn how.

  2. Now let's find the correct wallet address to deposit the tokens to ahead of trading them. In our case, your Bybit USDT wallet address (SOL network) to which you'll deposit your USDT. It may be a bit daunting for a first-time experience, please pay attention and you'll make it. Open the Bybit app and at the bottom of the main screen, tap Assets (screen 1) β†’ Deposit (screen 2) β†’ Select USDT (screen 3) β†’ Tether USDT β†’ Select SOL Network(screen 4-5) β†’ Copy the address under the QR code (screen 6). See the picture below for illustration:

Please note that this address should only be used for USDT deposits in the Solana network. Other assets will be lost forever.

  1. Now you can proceed to withdrawing your crypto to Bybit to be traded for real money. With the address copied to clipboard, go back to the Walken app, swipe to find USDT wallet and tap the Withdraw button (upward arrow) on it. Paste your Bybit deposit address, enter the amount of tokens and after double-checking the info, press Send. The deposit will be performed directly via your Bybit spot account.

Please make sure the address you send tokens to is correct. It will be impossible to undo the transaction.

Your USDT is now deposited on your Bybit account. To check them, tap Assets β†’ Spot.

Great, you have now successfully sent your USDT to your Bybit account, next stop - selling them via P2P platform for real money. The final chapter is all about it.


  1. First you need to transfer crypto from spot account to funding account: Open Assests β†’ Spot β†’ tap USDT β†’ transfer (at the bottom of the screen) β†’ enter the amount β†’ tap confirm to transfer the tokens. As a result, the amount will arrive at your funding account.

  1. Moving on to the actual trading. Go back to the Home screen, tap Buy crypto, then select P2P trading and tap Sell at the top of the screen. At this point you get to choose the currency you'd like to trade USDT for and then select the payment method (PayPal, credit card, ApplePay,etc.) via which you'll receive the money for your crypto.

  1. You'll get the list of potential buyers ready to buy your USDT and pay you in the currency you selected and via the payment method of your choice. Select any of those options and tap on it. You'll be asked to create a nickname, please make sure that it is consistent with your registered name on Bybit. Double check the transaction details, add the payment method and tap Sell to initiate the pending process.

Important note: the cardholder's name on the bank card you use must be the same as your Bybit account.

  1. A buyer will have 15 minutes to complete the payment during the pending process, please wait and do not release coins until you got the money. Once you’ve successfully received your payment from the buyer, click on Release Now to send them your coins.

Congratulations on your first P2P operation with crypto!

For any further information, feel free to refer to Bybit's official guide: https://learn.bybit.com/bybit-p2p-guide/how-to-sell-coins-on-bybit-p2p/

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