❓Why do I get the 'Step sensor not found' Error?

On a number of Android devices, Walken may fail to launch because of the 'Step sensor not found' error.

In this case, the device you are trying to launch Walken on apparantly doesn’t have a step sensor and therefore can not provide proper operation of the Walken app. Unfortunately, Walken will not be launched on such a device.

Steps data plays an important role for the Walken gameplay and features, thus accurate and reliable step count tracking and sync is key. On Android devices, having a step sensor is necessary to launch and use the app. Walken does not rely on an accelerometer to count steps because of a number of reasons, mainly because it is inaccurate in terms of step tracking.

To solve this problem, we recommend:

- Use another smartphone that has a step sensor (make sure to check the specifications of the device);

The Walken team is working to add wearables support. Once it's implemented, it will be possible to launch the app on devices that do not have a step sensor.

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