Walken Speed Crime

Walken Speed Crime is a brand new game in the Cuze ecosystem designed for thrill-seekers and race-lovers ready to dive into the criminal underworld. The new addition to the Cuze offers a simple gameplay but tons of excitement. Fancy a bit of mischief, some heart-pounding chases, and the opportunity to earn sweet loots - $WLKN, Gems, and Mysberries - to propel you forward in Walken? Look no further!

Think of Walken Speed Crime as a mobile GTA-styled game, so you're in for not only a fresh gaming experience but also a dose of nostalgia. Ready to outsmart the cops, collect loads of crystals, and take down those bosses? Prepare for adrenaline-pumping pursuits and generous rewards. Stay sharp and don't get caught!

How to Play

Your mission is to navigate levels, evade the relentless police pursuit, level up your character, engage in battles, and conquer bosses. As you move around the city, be sure to collect orange crystals (the in-game soft currency, you know how it works in other Cuze games). These crystals will help you boost your health thus increasing your odds against the bosses.

Download the App: https://app.adjust.com/13owv6ep_13j7eb9z

  1. Once you've got the app, the next step is either to log in using your Walken account (so that all your progress in the Cuze games is recorded and attributed to one and the same account: all the rewards you'll earn in Walken Speed Crime will be credited right there) OR if you're, new to Walken, create your account in Walken Speed Crime that will further be possible to use across the entire Cuze ecosystem.

  2. Logged in (or signed up)? Let the game begin! Jump into a vehicle and floor it, because those pesky cops are on your tail! You can swerve obstacles or crash into oncoming traffic – in the latter case, you'll just hop into a new car or onto the road and keep running. Escape as far as you can, grabbing those orange crystals along the way – they'll be a big help later.

  1. Remember: completing levels requires energy. You start with 10 energy units, and each level takes up 1 energy. 1 energy refills every 15 minutes. If you need more, feel free to use Mysberries to refill it, max 5 times in 24 hours.

  2. For completing each level, you earn crystals. Watching ads can supercharge your rewards – take advantage of this to upgrade your character more effectively.

  1. If you successfully complete a level (= shake off the police), you'll earn a Chest Card. If you fail to evade the cops, your progress resets by 2 levels.

  1. Once you successfully pass two levels, it's boss battle time. This is where all those crystals you've been collecting come into play. You can use crystals to boost your health, which greatly enhances your chances against bosses. Special markers indicate the next location and boss level, so you can prep accordingly.

  2. Progress won't be a cakewalk. Each level comes with new challenges and obstacles. As you advance, you'll face new bosses, each with unpredictable behavior. Traffic jams, careless drivers, barriers – various staff apart from police will be trying to disrupt your plans.

  1. But don't let your guard down. Your goal is to gather as many rewards as possible by defeating bosses. If you manage to defeat several bosses, you get a chest. Rewards from chests (Mysberries, Gems, $WLKN) will be added to your Walken account balance. It’s up to you when to claim your rewards and how to use them in the Cuze ecosystem.

  1. Defeat a certain number of bosses and unlock a Super Chest packed with even bigger rewards. A handy progress bar will help you to keep track of your progress and boss victories.

Ready to feel the rush of evading cops, battling bosses, and surviving on the edge? Download the app now and enjoy the thrill of street racing, earn cool rewards, and develop your characters within the main Walken app!

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