How to Stake

Let’s look at what this feature look like in the Walken application. To start exploring Walken’s staking potential, go to the Wallet screen β†’ swipe to the yellow WLKN wallet, and tap the Walken Earn button. You’ll arrive at the Walken Earn screen, and there you can check the available staking plans (flexible and locked), current stakings (if any), and at the bottom β€” your staking history (closed stakings) and general info on how staking works.

Once you have made up your mind as to what staking product to choose, enter the locked amount of tokens (your stake) β€” make sure it is within the limit β€” then double-check the information on your stake (type of staking, APR, estimated interest, stake date, locked period, and interest end date) and press the button to initiate staking.

Please note that there will be commission in SOL required to complete the transaction.

At confirming the stake, the staked tokens are transferred from your wallet to the Walken staking wallet and will remain there until the locked period expires. Feel free to check the Solscan transaction via the link on the Wallet transactions screen.

! Please note that your Rank will not be affected by the reduced $WLKN balance as the staked tokens are taken into consideration for Rank calculation !

You can find all your active staking products on the Walken Earn Screen (WLKN Wallet screen β†’ Walken Earn section next to your pending balance), they will be displayed on top of the list. Tap on any of them to keep track of total amount, staking reward, APR, locked period duration, and the date of redemption.

For a flexible staking product, the reward can be redeemed together with the initial stake at any time. For all locked staking products, the staking rewards are not credited at redeeming the principal amount once the staking period expires. You will have to wait until the reward unlock period is over and then claim your reward. Remember that redeeming your stake before the locked period ends is not possible.

Please note that there will be commission in SOL required to complete the transaction.

Hope you’ve found the guide above handy at the beginning of your staking journey in Walken! We bet that for many of our amazing Walken Community members it will be the first staking experience at all! We are thrilled to empower our players with this profitable and effective investment opportunity which at the same time supports and benefits the Walken economy.

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