🎅Paw-liday Treats

Tis that season of merriness again! Let’s dive into the festive spirit: a new event, new terrific items, and joyful gifts are on the horizon!

Paw-liday Treats - the seasonal event in Walken in celebration of Christmas. To thank the Walken community for your loyalty and support in 2023 and to celebrate Christmas, we are launching a bunch of holiday-themed experiences:

Paw-liday Treats & Festive Lootbox Draw!

  • Dates: December 15, 12:00 PM UTC — December 25, 12:00 PM UTC;

  • Winner list & Distribution: December 26, by 12 PM UTC

  • Total lootbox pool: 3000

  • Participation price: 5000 Candies

  • Christmas Lootbox price: 2000 $WLKN or 0.18 SOL

  • A daily quest to apply for the lootbox is to be added to players the NEXT quest week.

Paw-liday Treats Event Details

🟢 Over the course of the Paw-liday Treats event, each race in PvP duels, team-based Isle Clashes, or PvE competitions (for Leagues I-III) will earn you special festive candies (no matter if you win or lose). The amount of candies received per victory depends on the League in which you compete (for Duels and Competitions) or reward tiers (for Isle Clash).

Feel free to check the amounts of candies given for participating in a particular mode by tapping on the Candies collected block on the Home Screen.

🟢 Compete the way you like & collect candies every day until the end of the event, and once you have 5000 candies, exchange them for a chance to purchase a very special Christmas Lootbox (please note that WLKN/SOL token amount equal to the price of the Christmas box is required to be on your balance in order to apply. The payment will be required only in case you win the chance to buy the box).

Christmas Lootbox price: 2000 $WLKN or 0.18 SOL

🟢 Each lootbox contains one Christmas-themed limited-edition item of clothing for your CAThlete to throw on its best fit when Christmas arrives! The festive clothing edition is very limited — 3000 pieces only!

The rarity drop chances for these lootboxes are the same as for Premium-lootboxes.

🟢 Be sure to apply for the Christmas lootbox lottery until December 25, 12:00 PM UTC. The list of the winners will be published in the official social channels on December 26. The distribution of the lootboxes will start on December 26 and be completed by the end of the day.

🟢 TOP-100 players by candy score by the end of the event among the lottery participants are guaranteed to win one lootbox. The rest of the lootboxes will be distributed among participants and the lucky winners will be able to buy it.

Please note that applying for the lottery is required to participate.

Christmas Wheel: x2 Rewards from Every Spin!

  • Dates: December 15, 12:00 PM UTC — December 25, 12:00 PM UTC

With the festive fun brewing in the air, we grow more and more excited about the magic, fun, and gift giving of course! After all, it’s not truly the season without presents. Santa has prepared an incredible array of gifts for Walken players, too!

For 10 full days, spin the special Santa’s Wheel and grab rewards twice as big as from the Wheel of Fortune!

Spin and win:

  • Gems

  • Mysberries

  • $WLKN tokens

  • Christmas Candy

  • Lootbox!

Jackpots — Lootboxes — are not doubled in quantity and remain the same as they were ahead of the event.

Rewards are guaranteed from each spin!

As before, the rewards depend on your Rank: the higher the Rank is, the more generous rewards you win. Such a nice bonus will definitely add a touch of magic in the run-up to the holidays while also helping to stock up on the Christmas Candies faster. Keep calm and spin Santa’s Wheel!

Ho ho hope to see you there!

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