❓How do I get Walken wallet?

Registering in Walken, every player gets a free SPL-wallet: that's where all your in-game assets (tokens and NFTs) will be stored and managed. This wallet is tied to your Walken account and can also be restored on any external SPL-friendly wallet.

Follow the steps below to set up a Walken wallet

1. Download the Walken application using links below:

2. Install and launch the application and complete registration. Refer to the screenshots below:

The recovery phrase (12 words) you see at registration is your wallet credentials and ultimately the key to your assets. Please make sure to note down your recovery phrase (12 words) - do not take screenshots, save it on a good old piece of paper - and keep it safe.

Never share your recovery phrase (12 words) or private key with anyone as this will lead to all your assets permanently lost and your wallet compromised. There is no option to swap wallets in Walken should you lose your recovery phrase or should your wallet be compromised.

You can always view your recovery phrase and private key in the Walken application: Wallet screen --> Profile --> Recovery phrase & Private Key (refer to this guide for more detail).

3. Open the Wallet screen and swipe left to see your WLKN account (yellow wallet). At the yellow wallet card, tap the QR code icon:

4. Copy the wallet address.

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