Pending WLKN

The WLKNs won in competitions are stored in the 'money-box' (see the screenshot below) on the yellow Wallet screen. That means the reward for each competition won goes straight to this money-box. The balance of these rewards is displayed in WLKNs with a dashed outline.

‼️Players can level up, buy Mysberries, breed their CAThletes using WLKN from peding balance, and buy special entry tickets for your champions to participate in the CAThletic Games.

To transfer the WLKNs to the blockchain wallet, players need to:

  • own at least 1 NFT (to have at least 1 NFT on their Wallet);

  • have a certain amount of the WLKNs on their Pending Balance (the exact number may vary while Walken is in beta). To learn the amount necessary to transfer the tokens, tap on the Pending balance block.

Please mind that the max amount per push is 2500 $WLKN. You can push once per hour for sefety reasons. SOL is not required.

Once a player owns an NFT (a CAThlete, island or an item from Marketplace) and has reached the minimum required amount of WLKNs in the money-box, they can tap the 'Push to wallet' button to transafer the tokens to the Wallet.

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