Mysberries - magic berries with lots of hidden tricks! They allow your CAThlete to gain an advantage over rivals with extra stat points in competitions.

Their main function for now is to be used as a booster in competitions (Leagues I-III): having a certain amount of Mysberries in your Collectibles makes all your CAThletes more competitive by boosting one random stat in the course of every race (including both PvP), giving you an advantage over your opponent. Check out this article for further reference: Mysberry Boost. Myaberries are also required to participate in PvP Duels and Isle Clash.

Keep an eye on your boosters & multipliers in your Profile β†’ Boosts or by tapping on the 'Info' on the Mysberry wallet (see attached below).

How to get Mysberries?

You can get your hands on Mysberries in various ways. Play Walken on a daily basis and enjoy generous rewards for your time and skill!

  • Get Mysberries as a consolation prize* for defeats in competitions (Leagues I-III);

*(If you fail in a competition in Leagues I-III, there's always a chance (depending on the rarity of your CAThlete) to get a consolation prize in the form of Mysberries. More details in this article)

  • Complete Daily quests and get Mysberries as a reward;

  • Spin the Wheel of Fortune for a chance to earn some Mysberries every day;

  • Buy Mysberries at special prices in the Marketplace;

  • Open chests in Walken Runner & Walken Blocks;

  • Grab PvP Milestone Jars.

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