Walken Knowledge Base
Purchasing Mysberries
Mysberries are available in the in-game Marketplace for $WLKN tokens. They are sold in packs of different sizes and prices, so there's an option to suit any budget. But that's not it! Users will also have an option to get Mysberries for their in-app activity! This concept is being actively worked on right now, and we'll surely keep you updated on more details.
You may find all the current packs and prices and take your pick in the Marketplace โ†’ Boosters.
To buy a Mysberry Pack, follow the steps below:
  • browse the available packs in the Marketplace โ†’ Boosters section and choose which one you'd like to purchase;
  • tap on the pack selected and then press the 'Buy now' button;
  • double check the pack you're about to buy, its price, and tap the 'Confirm and buy' button to initiate purchasing;
  • It may take up to 10 minutes to process your purchase on the blockchain. In the meanwhile, you may check the status of the purchase in your Collectibles โ†’ Boosters & Multipliers: the amount of Mysberries you've just purchased will be indicated as 'pending' while the transaction is being processed. Once the purchase is completed, you'll see the updated booster in the Bonus Effect section on the same screen.
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