Flexible Staking

Flexible staking allows for more flexibility: the interest period is fairly shorter and there’s an option to unstake anytime. The APR for the flexible staking plan in Walken is 6% with the interest period of 6 weeks. This means that each 6 weeks of the staking period will earn you a reward. Please note that you may always check the currently available staking plans in the Walken application.

By initiating a stake you agree to stake your tokens for a minimum of 6 weeks; withdrawing the stake before the end of 6 weeks will incur 10% charge with no staking reward earned.

Each consecutive interest period earns you an interest on the initial stake.

After the minimum of 6 weeks is completed, you may unstake your principal and reward anytime.

Mind the 6-week interest period though: you will earn reward only for a completed period of 6 weeks.

Say you decide to unstake after 20 weeks; the reward will be accrued only for 18 weeks β€” that is for 3 full interest periods.

The staking period for the flexible staking plan is unlimited unless the liquidity pool limit is reached. In this case your stake will be switched to another liquidity pool and you’ll keep getting rewarded for each interest period of full 6 weeks yet mind a possible change in APR.

The reward for a flexible staking is redeemed together with the initial stake. Please note that the initial stake and reward earned will be credited to your wallet in single transaction. Please note that APR is subject to change for Flexible Products upon starting a consecutive interest period.

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