How do I get another CAThlete?

The only way to officially purchase clothes and CAThletes, without the risk of being scammed, is to buy them on the Marketplace.

Also, the advantage of buying on the Marketplace will be the absence of quarantine. For CAThletes purchased outside the official in-game Marketplace, there is a 14-day Quarantine that restricts their participation in the in-game activities (including competitions, level-ups, breeding, etc.)

But don’t worry, the CAThlete still belongs to its owner and will be able to continue to participate in competitions and earn $WLKN tokens once the quarantine ends.

Tap the CAThletes section in Marketplace to explore CAThletes available for purchase:

Also you can apply filters for smoother browsing: currency, price, level, breed count, rarity, and CAThleticism score.

And sorting by: price, rarity, level, breed count, CAThleticism score, stats (strength, stamina, speed).

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