What are the clothes for?

The Marketplace contains exclusive NFT items of different rarity to boost your CATthlete’s stats. Putting special NFT Clothes on your CAThletes, you will increase their stamina, strength and speed points. The more items you have on your CAThlete and the higher their rarities are, the more competitive it gets. So only the sky is the limit!

Explore available item categories in the Marketplace and find the best clothes that fits your CAThlete!

There are several item categories for users to take their pick from:

  1. Hats

  2. T-shirts

  3. Shorts

  4. Sneakers

  5. Accessories

  6. Artefacts

Feel free to use filters by category or by stats to quickly find the item that you need: currency, price, rarity.

And also sorting by: price, rarity, stats (strength, stamina, speed).

We've added searching by CAThlete's name and items ID for even smoother shopping experience.

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