About Prize Pool

CAThletic Games are designed to bring transparency and sustainability to the PvE mode in Walken. With publicly available information on game mechanics, prize pools, player rewards, and token shares allocated for burning, we aim to create a level playing field where every player has equal opportunities to earn and succeed. By introducing a completely transparent system, we are removing any doubts or uncertainties, ensuring that fairness and integrity prevail in the game.
Here’s a breakdown of the elements that contribute to the prize pool and how they are distributed:
  1. 1.
    PTE: Rewards/Ecosystem/Staking/Airdrop: A portion of the rewards for PvE mode comes from the tokenomics of the project.
  2. 2.
    CAThletic Games Entry Tickets: All entry fees collected from CAThletic Games go directly into the prize pool. This means that the more players participate, the larger the prize pool becomes, offering greater rewards for everyone involved.
  3. 3.
    Player Reinvestments: Tokens spent on in-game activities such as breedings, level ups, and minting contribute to the prize pool. This incentivizes players to engage in various game features and activities, as their investments directly impact the rewards they and others can earn.
  4. 4.
    Bonus from Developers: As part of the Cuze ecosystem’s revenue, a portion of the rewards and benefits generated through player engagement across the ecosystem games is allocated to the prize pool. This unique feature allows players to be rewarded for their contributions and enjoy the benefits of their involvement in the Cuze ecosystem games.
The prize pool for every season of the Games consists of the 4 elements described above. The time period for each pool calculation (but for the Tickets part) is 48 hours prior to the registration for the Games opens. The tickets revenue is collected during the registration and then added to the prize pool.
  • It’s important to highlight that 10% of the prize pool is allocated to the Treasury & Ecosystem rewards, which will be used for Daily Quests, Wheel of Fortune rewards, Tournament rewards, and PvP Milestone Jars. This ensures the continued development and enhancement of the overall game experience.
  • Additionally, another 10% of the prize pool is dedicated to token burning, contributing to the deflationary aspect of the economic model. This helps create scarcity and value for the native token, benefiting the overall ecosystem and token holders. Token burn will be completed bi-monthly.
So, the key to maximizing rewards lies in active engagement and strategic gameplay. By participating consistently and strategically, players have the opportunity to shape the prize pool and increase their chances of obtaining a larger share of the rewards. The more active and engaged the player community becomes, the greater the collective rewards for everyone involved. It’s a collaborative effort where players play a crucial role in shaping the game’s economy and creating a thriving environment for all participants.
You may keep up with all the pools for the Games in our Twitter or in the news feed right in the Walken app. Please note that the pool specified for the Games is gross, before deducting 20% for burning and Treasury.