❓Why Account May Get Suspended and How to Avoid It

We can’t stress it enough that Walken strongly advocates for fair game and intolerance to abusive behaviour. We come to terms with the fact that there may always be players willing to cheat and progress & earn faster. And this notion empowers us to keep up our fight against system abuse as well as to ensure fair gaming environment and support honest players. That being said, we are paying greater attention to cheating prevention and detection. Moreover, we are continuosly working to ensure that every attempt to benefit from bugs or abuse the system in any way is detected and the account is banned. One of the ways we do that is suspending suspicious accounts. Let’s look at a brief overview of the activities that may cause one’s account to be permanently banned from the game.
Reasons for Ban
📍Multiple accounts 📍
There is a bunch of reasons for being banned for multiple accounts, yet the rule of thumb is as follows: 1 player - 1 account.
If you stick to this rule and play only using one account - you can be sure that you won't be banned for this reason.
📍Possible cheating with steps 📍
Walken is first of all about sports and active lifestyle. Much as we encourage physical activity, we also urge the players to walk or run within reasonable: it’s hardly possible to actually walk more than 100km on a daily basis. No matter how experienced and strong you are, it is impossible. So please, make sure to move naturally: all the steps that were actually walked/run will be validated and rewarded with Gems. Yet the steps obtained in any other way will be detected and the account will be checked and suspended.
However, we love and respect athletes, so if your account is suspended because of possible cheating with steps and you can prove that the activity was real and not cheating, feel free to contact us and provide screenshots of your physical activity and any other proof to support your appeal.
Please note that should you account be suspended, your CAThletes, tokens and progress remain owned by you, yet your in-game activity is restricted.
Moreover, we are working to immediately detect any attempt to abuse the system or use bugs.
In case of a ban, each user may contact our support team via [email protected] and submit only 1 appeal.