Disciplines, Leagues & Modes

CAThletes compete in running disciplines for $WLKN tokens. Competitions take place in 8 Leagues. There’s a minimum CAThletes entry level for each League, and the higher the League, the higher the rewards for winning.

  • level 0 CAThletes can enter the first League;

  • for the second League, CAThletes of level 2 and 3 are welcome;

  • for the third League β€” level 4 and 5;

  • for the fourth League β€” level 6 and 7;

  • for the fifth League β€” level 8 and 9;

  • the sixth League is for level 10 and 11 CAThletes;

  • the seventh League is for level 12 and 13 CAThletes;

  • the eightth Leagues is for leve 14 and 15 CAThletes.

Thus, players are encouraged to upgrade their CAThletes, enter higher Leagues and win more tokens.

There are three running disciplines in each League, available both in PvE (league I-III) and PvP modes: sprint, marathon and urban running. Each competition costs one point of energy, which is restored over time.

Each of the CAThlete’s stats influences the chances to win in a particular running discipline. Speed plays a major role for winning in sprints, strength β€” in urban running, and stamina β€” in marathons. Once the discipline and CAThlete are selected, Walken algorithms quickly find a rival of equal level among other players, and then the race begins.

CAThletes can compete in PvE and PvP modes:

  • PvP Duels and Isle Clash are available in Leagues IV-VIII

  • Competitions are for Leagues I-III

  • The CAThletic Games are for Leagues IV-VIII

PvE competitions in Leagues IV-VIII are the CAThletic Games, where registered teams, lead by Rainbow-eyed CAThletes, compete in auto-played mode for chests with a share of a prize pool.

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