❓How to register on Bybit

Crypto ($WLKN included) is traded on exchanges, and in this chapter we'll be taking a closer look at how to create a Bybit account before you make your first transaction on this exchange.

  1. As a first-time Bybit user, you need to create an account. To save time and effort and enjoy a nice bonus, you may choose to tap on the Bybit button on the Home screen (Walken app) OR tap here.

  1. After signing up on Bybit, install the mobile app (all the guides on crypto trade are illustrated taking the mobile app as an example) and log into your newly created Bybit account. See the above picture for guidance.

  2. Complete KYC level 1 in order to deposit crypto and access P2P trading, or to buy crypto in one click. To do so, go to your Profile β†’ Identity Verification β†’ Lv.1 β†’ Verify now.

Feel free to refer to the official Bybit FAQ on KYC for extra information.

After a prompt review from the team, your account will be verified (see the picture below) and you'll be able to trade crypto.

That's it, congratulations on becoming a registered Bybit user! Check out these chapters if you look to buy or sell crypto.

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