Genesis CAThletes

What are Genesis CAThletes?

Genesis CAThletes are CAThletes distributed exclusively in the course of our NFT Sales (in closed and open beta) and NFT Presale (guilds and partners), as well as NFT CAThletes from the closed beta.

The Genesis edition of such CAThletes are already been indicated with a special Genesis badge in the app.

Extra advantages for Genesis CAThletes

Celebrating our early adopters and supporters willing to explore what Walken has to offer from the very beginning, we’ll introduce a bunch of special benefits for all Genesis CAThlete NFTs:

β€’ Potential to get twins (5% chance) or triplets (1% chance) from breeding. Exclusively for Genesis CAThletes;

β€’ Gem multiplier that boosts your gem earnings by 50% so you can make the most of your walks. It is going to be additional 50% on top of regular multiplier;

β€’ Extra boost for feeding, our next big feature (coming up soon!);

  • Extra 10% chance to get Mysberries for loss in competitions.

  • Extra 5% chance to get Textile for loss in duels.

And many more benefits that will be announced with our upcoming game modes and expansions!

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