What is Marketplace?

By winning competitions and earning Walken tokens, you collect $WLKN in your wallet, which can be spent on purchasing various clothing and accessories items on the Marketplace.

Marketplace β€” a big in-game trading platform where you can buy or sell NFT items, from hats and T-shirts to CAThletes. You will be able to find the Marketplace on the top panel at the bottom of the screen:

The NFTs on the Marketplace are traded for WLKN and SOL.

Thus, in order to earn more $WLKN tokens, you need to win as many competitions as possible, and to win more, you may want to have several CAThletes and upgrade their stats not only by levelling up but also purchasing various Items from Marketplace.

NOTE: Walken Team is not responsible for any NFT purchased outside of the official in-game Marketplace. So, to be sure that the purchased NFT was minted by Walken and is original, we recommend you to buy them only on the official in-game Marketplace.

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