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Quarantine for CAThletes & Cooldown for Clothes

The 14-day Quarantine period for CAThletes bought or transferred outside of the official in-game Marketplace has been implemented on July 16, 2022 at 12 UTC as part of our effort to combat system abuse as well as ensure a safer environment for honest players, reducing the risks of scam purchases outside of the official Marketplace.
The CAThletes transferred outside of the official in-game Marketplace will be unable to engage in any in-game activity or perform any action in the game for 14 days since the transfer.
⚠️ Please note that these NFTs are still owned by their owners, we have no intention to challenge this ownership. The Quarantine period only puts limitations on their taking part in the in-game activities within 14 days from transfer.
Following up on the introduction of Quarantine period for the CAThletes acquired to transferred outside of the official in-game Marketplace, a shorter cooldown period for NFT items of clothing (sneakers, hats, shorts, T-shirts, accessories, artefacts) has been introduced. The difference is that the clothing items are impossible to reuse (put on again) instantly right after them being taken off a CAThlete. It's kind of putting clothes into a washing machine and having them cleaned before they could be put on another CAThlete or at the same CAThlete again.