🌈Rainbow-Eyed CAThletes

Everything you need to know about the talk of the town - Rainbow-Eyed CAThletes

Rainbow-eyed CAThletes are CAThletes featuring a special limited-time attribute - animated rainbow eyes. Such CAThlete may belong to 4 rarities (except Common, because it’s impossible to get a Common from fusion) and do not form a rarity of their own, but enjoy exclusive features provided by the rainbow eyes attribute for a set amount of time. The arrival of Rainbow-eyed CAThletes not only breathes new life into the fusion, but provides an fresh adventure that goes beyond the ordinary.

Following update 1.14.9, every fusion offers a 5% rainbow eyes drop chance regardless of the number or rarities of the fused CAThletes and the resulting CAThlete. The attribute is not rarity-specific, so it’s possible to get a CAThlete from uncommon to legendary who chances to have these eyes. Rainbow-eyed CAThletes are tradable on the Marketplace like any other NFTs in the game and can participate in PvE and PvP modes.

Mind that the unique rainbow-eye trait can only be obtained through Fusion and are no inherited via breeding.

Rainbow CAThletes drop starting February 19, 2024, but their radiant eyes won’t last forever: these CAThletes will enjoy the unique attribute for 45 days. There’s a timer indicating how much time remains; once the timer runs up, the attribute expires, and CAThletes return to their original looks and characteristics (they no longer have the eye-related bonuses).


  • LIMITED edition. Such extraordinary CAThletes are limited to 1500 characters in the game at a time and consequently are extra valuable. New Rainbow-eyed CAThletes won’t drop until their population gets below 1500.

  • DOUBLE the laser pen debuff power in Duels. Now, the percentage our of the 3-20% range is doubled every duel (provided you selected the debuff before it started). And there’s a very spacial laser animation!

The advantage is limited to Duels only and does not apply in Isle Clash.

  • CAThletic Games Exclusivity: CAThletic Games are now available exclusively to rainbow-eyed team captains, while regular CAThletes can join as team members only.

    One more thing to note is that rewards in the chests are proportional: the fewer Rainbow CAThletes registered for the Games, the greater the prizes per chest. For example, a chest with 1200 $WLKN (if 1500 teams register, the maximum number) turns into 3600 $WLKN (if there are 500 teams) and 12000 $WLKN β€” if there are 150 teams. Don’t miss the opportunity to take your place among the teams in the first games and take greatest rewards!

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