PvP Milestones

Picture this: as you play PvP modes - Duels & Isle Clash, each race brings you closer to unlocking magnificent rewards. With PvP Milestones, the focus is not just on dominating the running track, but on the progress you make over time, designed to inspire and reward you for your ambition, commitment, and resilience.

So, these milestones are essentially energy-spent goals designed to be an extra reward for your PvP effort. Every energy spent in duels and isle clashes takes you one step closer to unlocking fabulous Energy Capsules filled with Mysberries, GEM, WLKN, and there’s even a chance to win a Lootbox. There are 4 Jar, each unlocking after a milestone is completed.

Please note that the energies from one milestone do not transfer to the next one after the previous one is completed. You’ll start your way towards each next Energy Capsule from 0. Yet Isle Clashes played while you were filling the first 3 milestones also count for the 4th milestone.

The best part is that the milestones prioritize progress over mere victory: the outcome of each PvP race doesn’t matter when it comes to progressing towards the jars. Whether you win or lose, your effort counts and brings you closer to those coveted rewards. If you’ve been into PvP for a while, aim for no more than TOP leaderboard positions, and have already worked out a strategy that helps you dominate, the jars will undoubtedly be a welcomed bonus requiring no extra effort to get. And if you’re only starting your way in the PvP modes, the milestones will provide not only additional incentive but can potentially make up for your expenses making the whole experience more profitable.

1st-3rd Milestones are completed by playing Duels and/or Isle lash. Completing each of them, you are rewarded with an Energy capsule.

4th Milestone is completed by playing Isle Clash ONLY. Complete the 4th one to get a ticket to the weekly $WLKN raffle!

Hitting the 4th Milestone (exclusively Isle Clash) will earn you a coveted ticket to the raffle with a weekly pool in $WLKN! It'll be 500K WLKN for 100 lucky winners next Monday, so don't waste any longer β€” dive in PvP. Results announced on Mondays!

Finally, since one Tournament Season lasts 7 days (starting every Monday), you also have 7 days to go for all the three Jars. The milestones recur weekly, following the launch of a new Tournament. Remember you can always find your tournament leaderboard position, duel statistics in the current season, and PvP milestones on the Tournament tab.

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