Airdrop — free distribution of tokens for active players directly into their crypto wallets.

AMA — an acronym for “Ask Me Anything.” During an AMA, users ask questions live and have a dialogue with Walken team members or invited guests on chosen topics. We announce such events in advance, so stay tuned!

Ambassador program - an opportunity for the most active and dedicated Community members to contribute to the future of the Walken project by supporting and promoting the app.

‘Bad Luck’ error — error that may happen due to the server not responding or response timeout. Try again in a few minutes.

Beta tester — a real user who plays a beta version of a game, tests the gameplay and features, and reports bugs and ideas to the team before the final version is released.

Blockchain — an allocated database shared among the nodes of a PC network; a peer-to-peer public ledger that stores a verified and secured data record. Walken is based on Solana blockchain, a new permissionless smart contract blockchain with high performance, lower transaction fees and incredible potential. Check out this article for more info on Solana.

Bonus effect — 5 extra Gems for reaching a daily goal (10 000 steps) in the game.

Breeding — the process of putting two CAThletes together in order to obtain offspring that take after one or both parents in terms of appearance and stats.

Breed count — a number of times a CAThlete engaged in breeding to get a new CAThlete, combining its parents’ features. This process is crucial if a players looks to develop a particular stats in offspring CAThletes, or sell the resulting CAThlete for a profit.

CAThlete — an in-game character with whom you can walk and earn Gems.

CAThlete level — the stage of a CAThlete pointing out how well its Strength, Stamina and Speed are developed in the game.

Collectibles — a place where all your assets (including NFTs purchased on the Marketplace) are stored and accessed. That’s where you can find Boosts & Multipliers (Mysberries), CAThletes, Clothes (from hats to artefacts) and Lootboxes.

Competitions — running disciplines in which two CAThletes compete for $WLKN tokens.

Cooldown for clothes — a 24-hour period of time, during which the clothes removed from the CAThlete are “washed”. During this time, it will be impossible to sell or put on these clothes again.

Daily Quests – a set of objectives that unlock on a daily basis and provide rewards when completed. Over the course of the 7 days, 5 new quests will roll out daywise.

Discipline — a type of competitions that CAThletes can join. Currently there are 3 disciplines in each Leagues: Sprint, Marathon, Urban running.

Energy — an indicator of a CAThlete which shows how many times it can take part in the competitions.

Equipment — a kind of dressing room for your CAThletes located in the “Collectibles — CAThletes” tab. There you can put on the CAThlete items of Clothing (from hats to artefacts) purchased on the Marketplace.

Flexible Staking - locking a certain amount of $WLKN tokens in for an unlimited period and there’s an option to unstake anytime. After the minimum of 6 weeks is completed, you may unstake your principal and reward anytime.

Gas fee — commission for all transactions on the blockchain (for example, Solana). In the Walken app, the commission is paid by users when sending tokens or NFT to another wallet, as well as for selling, purchasing NFTs and for cancellation of sale.

Gem — an in-game soft currency that players get for walking in real life. Steps are converted into Gems, that in turn can be used to fill in the level progress bar and level up a CAThlete.

Gem Multiplier — a special multiplier that increases a player’s Gem reward for their steps. Applied if a player has two and more CAThletes, as well as Genesis CAThletes. Check this article for details.

Gene — a component of a CAThlete. Each CAThlete is randomly generated based on a set of genes. Six genes determine six components of every CAThlete: ears, the body itself, tail, colour, environment, and muzzle.

Genesis CAThletes — special CAThletes that give their owners extra advantages. Such CAThletes are distributed exclusively in the course of our NFT Sales and NFT Presale (guilds and partners); all the CAThletes from the closed beta are also Genesis. Genesis CAThletes are indicated with a special “Genesis” badge in the app. Check out this article for a detailed explanation.

Jar – a special prize granted for completing 3, 5 and 7 full days of a quest week (Amber, Azure and Amethyst Jar, respectively).

League — a group of CAThletes that compete against each other and gain $WLKN tokens. There are 5 Leagues in the game, with each next League offering more rewards than the previous one. There is also a minimal entrance level to compete in each League.

Locked Staking — locking a certain amount of $WLKN tokens in for the selected duration for APR without an option to unlock the principal before the end of the term.

Lootbox — a mystery box with one CAThlete or Clothes item inside, which can be won in the WALKEN lottery. Loot boxes are not on sale all the time, so stay tuned in our official Telegram channel and don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the lottery and win NFT.

Marathon — one of running disciplines; a road race with a distance of 42 km where greater stamina is the key.

Marketplace — an in-game shop with NFT items, from hats and T-shorts to CAThletes.

Move-to-Earn — is a new way to reward players with cryptocurrency for working out using technology to track players’ movements. Walken revolutionises the move2earn space by developing a concept of move-to-play win-to-earn. Players walk and run in real life, and the Walken app tracks their steps and converts their everyday activity into in-game currency — Gems. These Gems are then used to level-up CAThletes, engage in breeding (more ways are coming!) That’s the move-to-play part. The more Gems they earn, the faster they can level up their CAThlete and earn more $WLKN tokens in competitions — in other words, win to earn!

Mysberries — magic berries and a treat for your CAThletes. They are sold in packages on the Marketplace in the “Boosters” tab, and they can also be received as a consolation prize if you lose in the race. As of now, Mysberries give your CAThlete a boost in competitions, but other features will be added soon.

Mysberry Booster — an opportunity to get a certain percentage of a random stat boost during a race by storing Mysberries in your “Collectibles”. You can find more information about Mysberry Booster by following this link.

‘No connection’ error — Walken can’t connect to the server and this error is displayed when trying to launch. Find the detailed guide here.

NFT (non-fungible token) — a digital asset that exists in its own block on the blockchain. In Walken, these assets are in-game items and CAThletes.

NFT overview — a link of your NFT on Solscan with all the information about it (e.g. transfers, transactions, metadata and trades).

Pending balance - rewards for Competitions won that are accumulated and pushed to the WLKN Wallet of a player (to transfer the WLKN to the Wallet, a player is required to have at least 1 NFT and a certain minimum WLKN amount on the pending balance).

Pool liquidity - total amount of staking rewards allocated for a particular staking product.

Private key — a code line used to protect the wallet and to access it by its owner. It is also user to create a digital signature when transactions are processed. The Private key should be kept extremely secure and not shared with anyone else.

Profile – the section in the Walken app where the player's personal information is stored and accessed (Account, Gifts & Discounts, General information and Social media, as well as Rank info and Support & Socials).

Public address — a cryptographic code that allows users to accept cryptocurrencies into the account.

Quarantine — a 14-day quarantine for CAThletes purchased outside of the official in-game Marketplace. During this period, CAThletes cannot participate in any in-game activity, but remained owned by their owners.

Rank - player's level in the app based on his achievements and in-game activity. To qualify for a particular Rank, a player must meet a bunch of certain requirements that reflect the basic gameplay mechanics and activity in the Walken app.

Rarity represents how common a CAThlete or item is and how hard it is to get the item/CAThlete or the quality of an item.

Referral code - an unique code that is assigned to each player. You can send the code to your friend you’d like to refer to Walken and to receive a referral bonus.

Referral period - the period of time during which you will receive 5% from $WLKN spending that your friend makes in Walken.

Referral Program - the chance to receive a bonus for each friend you invite to the app for a certain period of time. For an invited friend you will get 10 GEMs and 5% from $WLKN spending that your friend makes in Walken over the course of the Referral period.

Roadmap — a plan that shows what the project intends to achieve and in what time frame.

Seed phrase / Pass phrase — 12-word secret recovery phrase that grants access to a crypto wallet. This phrase should be kept extremely secure and not shared with anyone else.

SOL - the native currency in Solana's ecosystem. In Walken, it is stored in the SOL wallet (the purple wallet on the Wallet screen) and used to pay transaction fees (gas) as well as buy and sell NFTs on the Marketplace.

Solana — the blockchain platform that the Walken application interacts with.

Speed — a sign to measure how fast CAThlete covers the distance per unit of time. It is a key to winning in sprint running.

Sprint running — one of running disciplines; a race over a short distance, and at the top of CAThlete's speed.

Staking - a reliable and convenient source of passive income in the Crypto market in which a certain amount of cryptocurrency or cryptotokens is blocked in the wallet to receive rewards.

Stamina allows a CAThlete to resist tiredness during long races. It is essential for winning a marathon.

Strength — the stat is responsible for overcoming a specific resistance by using muscular power. It’s essential for winning Urban runs as many obstacles can prevent you from succeeding.

Total steps are the actual number of steps walked by a player in real life.

'Under maintenance' — means that at the moment the Walken app is temporarily unavailable due to technical works. Once we’re done, the app will be available again.

Urban running — one of running disciplines ;a run around the city required strength, agility and explosiveness.

Validated steps — the amount of steps that were varified and for which the Gems are credited. The amount of validated steps may be different from total steps since some of the steps recorded by your devices can be marked as not validated and therefore can not be counted. Walken prevents cheating with the help of validation algorithms. For more info on how Walken validated steps, please read this article.

Walken Earn — $WLKN staking opportunity right in the Walken application. For more info please read this article.

Walken Runner - the first hyper casual game of the Walken ecosystem of hyper casual games, in which you will need to pass gates, upgrade health and attack stats, collect gems, and avoid obstacles to succeed and win $WLKN tokens.

Walken Tournament - the competition in the Walken Runner, which will run in seasons. Each season lasts 7 days, once it ends the top players will be listed in the official channels. The TOP Walken Runner players will receive $WLKN tokens.

Wallet — blockchain wallet that allows users to store or transfer cryptocurrencies. There are two wallets in the game: a blue one for Gems and a yellowish-golden one for $WLKN tokens. There's also a purple wallet for SOLs (used to pay gas in Walken). In the Walken app, a crypto wallet is give for free to every user upon sign up.

Wheel of Fortune - an in-game wheel on which a number of prizes are presented. Players can test their luck twice a day. The higher the Rank is, the more generous rewards will appear on the Wheel of Fortune — and a greater jackpot.

$WLKN — cryptocurrency token that is given as a reward for winning competitions in the game.

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