The Ranking System

Each player of Walken will be assigned a certain Rank based on their achievements and activity in the game. To qualify for a Rank, a player is required to meet a bunch of certain criteria that mirror the main gameplay mechanics and activities in Walken. There are 10 Ranks in total, and the higher the Rank is, the tougher the requirements get.

The goal behind the Ranking System is to give the active players of Walken an opportunity to keep track of the in-game progress, set goals for the future and adapt the in-game strategy accordingly, and also see the results of the work put in. Besides, the Ranking System will undoubtedly spice up the whole experience, motivating players to progress and score higher with nice bonuses and advantages. The first advantage of the many more to come is the Wheel of Fortune. By increasing their rank in the Walken app, our players will be able to win more valuable prizes on the Wheel (Check the next page for more details!)

Where do I find my Rank?

You can check your current Rank in the Profile tab (at the top of the Wallen screen) and your rank will be indicated at the top. New players have a zero rank, but it can always be upgraded by playing, progressing in the game and fulfilling certain requirements.

Remember, your Rank is dynamic, and If you have scored high and want to keep your rank, make sure to consistently meet the necessary requirements thus qualifying for the particular rank, otherwise the rank may drop.

My Account Statistics

Another new useful tab that will be added to the Settings is My account statistics, where you can get the detailed information about your in-game activity and current progress.

So we’ve mentioned that your Rank is dynamic and it updates regularly. Each time you open Walken, your achievements and progress are captured and taken into account for Rank calculations, yet your Account Statistics is not updated in live and the changes are not reflected instantly.

Based on your actions and activity in the game, your Account Statistics is updated at the app launch no earlier than 24h from the last update. Consequently, your Rank is updated accordingly no earlier than 24 hours from the last update at the app launch.

Example: Say you had your rank updated at the app launch at 3 PM today; 24h from the last update would be 3 PM tomorrow, and the Rank won’t be updated if you keep launching the app in the morning and up to 3 PM as it updates no less than 24h hours from the last update. But if you launch the Walken app at 1 PM and then at 5 PM tomorrow, the Rank will be updated at 5 PM as by the time it will have been more than 24h since the last update.

So, if you meet all the requirements for the next rank, you will get a new rank once it is recalculated but no earlier than 24h from the last rank update.

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