Ahead of the race, players can pick and buy a booster (Energy Drink) and/or a distraction for the rival CAThlete (Laser Pen), which increases the chances for success and may actually decide the outcome of the race. The price of one booster (purchased separately and for one-time use) depends on the League.

  • Energy Drink is applied automatically (if purchased) at the beginning of a race and allocates stat boost percentage (ranging from 3% to 20%) at random among the three stats.

  • Laser Pen is applied at the end of the race (if purchased) and reduces a rivalโ€™s total score by a random percentage from 3% to 20%.

Rainbow-eyed CAThletes enjoy DOUBLE laser debuff against their rivals in Duels.

  • Mysberry booster (the random stat boost provided by Mysberries) also works in Duels the same way it does in PvE Competitions.

Summing up, in Duels you have an opportunity to maximize your chances for winning with the help of Energy Drink, Laser Pen, and the good old Mysberry Booster (which applies automatically, with no extra payment required). Donโ€™t forget to pick one booster or both before the race begins! Your opponent may also use boosters, and youโ€™ll see if they do so in the course of a race.

The bigger point though is that the PvP mode is designed in a way that gives players greater control over their CAThletesโ€™ performance. However, it is still not 100% predictable and predefined: since thereโ€™s an element of luck as to the random selection of the discipline, your rival, and booster application, stronger CAThletesโ€™ advantage does not guarantee them wins in all duels, and not so strong CAThletes can win.

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