Criteria for Ranks

All newly registered players will receive a zero rank, with an opportunity to always increase the rank if certain requirements are met. Other players that have been in Walken for a while prior to the introduction of the Ranking System will have their Ranks calculated and assigned in accordance with their progress and criteria met. There’s always room for improvement and an incentive to score higher to get to the next Rank and unlock special bonuses.

What are the criteria for a Rank?

Let’s look at the detailed requirements that must be met to obtain a certain rank.

The timeframe for metrics calculation is UTC+0: 00:00–23:59.

  1. Account age: The age of the account is calculated starting from the date when the user account was created;

  2. Owning an NFT CAThlete: ownership of an NFT CAThlete;

  3. Owning an NFT Item: ownership of an NFT item of Clothing;

  4. Min average $WLKN balance for X days: the minimum average amount of $WLKN tokens on balance over a certain number of days β€” the average amount of tokens that should be stored on the wallet balance, excluding the tokens on the Pending Balance.

  5. Number of Genesis CAThletes: ownership of a certain number of Genesis CAThletes;

  6. Average steps per day: the average number of steps over the last 10 days;

  7. Average competitions for 7 days: the average number of competitions (PvP also counts) played in the last 7 days.

  8. CAThletes at level N and higher: owning a certain number of CAThletes with a certain level.

  9. CAThlete Fusion in N days: having at least 1 CAThlete Fusion completed within the time perios given.

Important note: CAThletes that are on sale or quarantined are not taken into account in such requirements as:

  • Owning an NFT CAThlete,

  • Number of Genesis CAThletes

  • CAThletes at level N and higher

Also, items of clothing that are in a β€œwashing machine” and selling are not taken into account in the requirement Owning an NFT Item.

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