Islands & Boosters

NFT Isles is something Walken has never seen before. These aren’t just any ancient patches of land surrounded by water; they’re your team’s launching pad to glory and venue for Isle Clashes. To participate in clashes, a team of 5 CAThletes needs one island.

Like all other NFTs in Walken, islands are available on the Marketplace.

Islands come in five rarities β€” but with a twist. The rarity of an island defines the island energy β€” that’s basically the max capacity for the number of Isle Clashes it can be used for before requiring energy refill. These energy pools are the same as for CAThletes of corresponding rarities:

  • Common β€” 3 energies

  • Uncommon β€” 4 energies

  • Rare β€” 6 energies

  • Epic β€” 8 energies

  • Legendary β€” 12 energies

The cool-down time per energy unit is also the same as for CAThletes:

  • Common β€” 2 hours

  • Uncommon β€” 1h 45min

  • Rare β€” 1h 30min

  • Epic β€” 1h 15min

  • Legendary β€” 1 hour.

Booster & Debuff

Every island is composed of 4 genes, and the max rarity of these genes defines its overall rarity. The 4 genes are building, tree, scenery, and land. But genes are not just about fabulous looks or overall rarity of the island; two of them determine island’s booster & debuff potential. Let’s break it down.

Tree Booster

As the name has it, the tree gene is responsible for the booster that you can use in Isle Clash. It works pretty much in the same way that the energy drink in Duels, but with an important difference. It boosts ONLY the most effective stat for a particular competition (e.g. speed for sprint), and the extra stat percentage depends on the rarity of the tree gene: the rarer the gene, the greater the boost.

Here are boost percentages by Tree gene rarity:

Building debuff

Likewise, the building debuff depends on the building gene and works just like the laser pen in Duels β€” by reducing the rival’s stat by a certain percent. The range of possible percentages also depends on the gene rarity:

Summing up, the potential and value of an island are defined by not only its rarity. The rarity of specific genes β€” tree and building β€” play an important role in the team's clash performance due to the booster and debuff. This way we're adding an extra layer of fun and strategising to the game. For instance, a legendary island may not be as cool as a rare one because of the tree and building rarities. Moreover, islands of the same rarity may be totally different in terms of booster and debuffs because of their gene set-ups.

Each island, regardless of its rarity or gene set-up, has 10 booster and 10 debuff charges. Once all the charges are used up, you’ll need to recharge them, for 100 Mysberries each (full recharge of the booster or debuff, not per charge). The number of booster and debuff charges as well as the cost of recharging them is the same for any island rarity β€” 10 charges.

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