❓How to buy $WLKN

A complete step-by-step guide on how to buy $WLKN on Bybit and send them right to your Walken wallet

No time to explain: you need more $WLKN? Apart from earning $WLKN in competitions and ecosystem games (like Walken Runner) or by trading NFTs in the Marketplace in Walken, there's always an option to get some more on CEX. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to buy $WLKN for fiat and transfer them to the game.

$WLKN is traded on spot with USDT as a trading pair, so first, you'll need to buy USDT for real money, and then trade your USDT for $WLKN. For starters, let's deal with buying USDT.

  1. To get started, you need to have an account on Bybit with completed KYC level 1. Feel free to refer to this chapter for a detailed guide on how to register and get verified. Log into your account on the mobile Bybit app.

  2. Now let's have a look at two options for getting your hands on USDT so that you could buy $WLKN on spot trade later. This might seem a little bit daunting as a first-time experience, but no worries, we've got you.

    • The first option is a direct purchase using your bank card. Open the Bybit app and on the main screen find the Buy Crypto button, the One - Click Buy (screen 2) β†’ in the cryptocurrencies section select USDT (screen 3) β†’ choose the currency for which you'd like to pay for the purchase (for example, EUR) (screen 3) β†’ enter the amount you'd like to spend β†’ double check and tap Next. Now, choose the desired payment method (screen 4), e.g. "Bank Card", and fill in the details of your card. Finally, click Continue to confirm your payment and initiate purchase.

    Important note: the cardholder's name on the bank card you use must be the same as the one of your Bybit account.

    • Another way is via the P2P trading platform. Open the Bybit app and on the main screen find the Buy Crypto button, select P2P Trading (screen 2) β†’ choose the currency, in our case it is $WLKN β†’ feel free to apply amount and payment method filters.

    • At this point you'll see a list of suitable sellers (mind their Transaction limits), choose the one that feels best and tap Buy. Here select Buy With Fiat, enter the amount you'd like to spend (for example 10 EUR) and proceed to purchase. On the next screen, double check the payment details, tap Pay Now, then confirm the payment and send money to the seller (not directly on the Bybit, you'll need to use a mobile banking app). Once the seller confirms that they received the money, the USDT will arrive at your account within 10 minutes.

  3. Your USDT is now deposited on your Bybit account. To check them, tap Assets β†’ Funding.

Great, congratulations on a successful USDT deposit, you're now ready to purchase $WLKN on the spot market.

  1. First you need to transfer USDT from funding account to spot account: Open Assets β†’ Funding β†’ tap USDT β†’ Transfer (at the bottom of the screen) β†’ enter the amount β†’ tap confirm to transfer the tokens. As a result, the amount will arrive at your spot account.

  1. Now let's proceed to buying $WLKN tokens for your USDT via the Spot Trading Platform. On the main screen of the Bybit app, select Trade β†’ tap on the trading pair in the upper left corner and type WLKN the search bar β†’ select the pair WLKN/USDT β†’ select market β†’ set the Order Value (the amount of tokens you'd like to buy) β†’ Buy WLKN.

For any further information, feel free to refer to Bybit's official guides:



That's it, you've bought $WLKN! They are safely deposited on your Assets β†’ Spot account. Finally, let's transfer them to the Walken app: tokens need to be sent on your Walken wallet address. Open the Walken app and on the Home screen swipe to the yellow $WLKN wallet card. Tap on the downward arrow (that means receiving) and then copy the wallet address.

Next, open the Bybit app β†’ Assets β†’ Spot β†’ select WLKN token β†’ tap withdraw β†’ make sure you select SOL network β†’ type the token amount you'd like to transfer to Walken app β†’ paste your Walken wallet address you've copied in the previous step β†’ confirm by tapping Withdraw β†’ Verify your withdrawal with a code sent to your email and Google Authenticator to complete withdrawal.

Congratulations, your tokens have been successfully withdrawn and sent to your Walken wallet. Within 5-10 minutes, you'll find them on your $WLKN balance in the Walken app!

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