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Genes, Stats & Rarity

A CAThlete is an NFT in-game character that takes part in competitions, can be upgraded and crossbred. The word comes from ‘cat’ + ‘athlete’, hinting on both their appearance and running skills. Each CAThlete is generated with a unique set of genes that determine their appearance, stats, and rarity. The values of the stats significantly affect the chance to win in a particular running discipline.
The total sum of a CAThlete's stats + bonus points by the clothes it wears make up CAThleticism, the major parameter for CAThlete classification in PvP.
There are 6 genes (body parts) that each CAThlete has:
  • tail;
  • body;
  • ears;
  • environment;
  • color;
  • muzzle.
Each gene is attributed with stats points and has its rarity, which determines the max potential stats of a CAThlete and its rarity. There are 5 rarity categories of CAThletes, genes and NFT items:
  • common;
  • uncommon;
  • rare;
  • epic;
  • legendary.
A CAThlete’s rarity is defined by the highest rarity of its genes.
Rarity affects the energy pool of a CAThlete: rare, epic and legend CAThletes have more energy points than common and uncommon once.
Rarity also affects Energy cooldown time: the higher the rarity of a CAThlete is, the less time it will take to restore 1 energy:
🤍Common - 3 energies; 2 hours per unit;
💚Uncommon - 4 energies; 1 hour 45 minutes per unit;
💙Rare - 6 energies; 1 hour 30 minutes per unit;
💜Epic - 8 energies; 1 hour 15 minutes per unit;
🧡Legendary - 12 energies; 1 hour per unit.
There are three main characteristics or stats that each CAThlete has: strength, speed and stamina. Its set of genes is random and unique, and there are genetically predetermined maximums on stamina, strength and speed.
The stats of a CAThlete grow with each level-up by 10% of their potential maximums. Moreover, items from the Marketplace and Mysberries also boost stats. So there is always room for improvement!