Blockchain Bridge

Ledger, Trezor, and other cold wallets are to be supported soon!

A blockchain bridge is an interoperability protocol which allows users to move tokens between networks in a quick and user-friendly manner. With WLKN listing on PancakeSwap (which operates on BSC), the Walken Team introduced their own bridge that supports several networks, namely Arbitrum, Solana and BSC, enabling swift transfers of tokens from one chain to another.

So far only the desktop version is available.


Let’s have a look at how to use the bridge taking Solana - BSC transfer as an example, transferring WLKN from Solana network to BNB Smart Chain. This will be of use if you’re looking to swap WLKN on PancakeSwap, which runs on BSC and you ultimately need to have WLKN and/or USDT on BSC to complete a swap.

Step 1: Install Phantom & MetaMask Wallet Extensions and Restore your Wallets

For a smooth experience, it is recommended to use Phantom wallet for SOLANA and Metamask for EVM.

Since the bridge is only available on desktop, you'll need a Phantom wallet web extension and to restore your Solana wallet. The same goes for MetaMask and EVM wallet.

  1. Download Phantom browser extension: and restore your Solana wallet. Please refer to this article for guidance.

  2. Download MetaMask browser extension: and restore your EVM-wallet. Refer to this guide for details.

Step 2: Bridge - Connect Two Wallets

To transfer assets from one blockchain to another, 2 respective wallets are required.

  1. Start by connecting a Solana wallet. Press 'Connect Solana wallet' button, refer to the screenshot below:

Note that you might need to install Phantom browser extension if you don’t have it yet. Follow the flow to finish connecting your Phantom wallet.

Once completed, the Solana wallet will be displayed as added.

  1. Tap ‘Connect EVM wallet’ and connect the wallet in the same way. Note that you might need to install the MetaMask browser extension if you don’t have it yet.

As a result, you now have 2 connected wallets, ready to transfer the assets between them.

Step 3: Let's Transfer Tokens

  1. Remember we’re transferring WLKN from Solana to BCS in this example, so make sure to select the correct destination chain.

  1. Next, enter the amount of tokens you’d like to transfer and press the ‘Transfer’ button.

  1. Confirm the transaction. Please note that Solana takes a fee in SOL (0.00284 SOL at the time this article is written) for the transfer. That’s it, your tokens are successfully sent from Solana to BSC, which means you’re no longer having them on Solana (and in the Walken app as well as it only operates on Solana).

  1. Scroll down and press the 'Claim' button to receive your tokens to BSC wallet. Note that it takes time to confirm the transfer on the blockchain.

  1. Confirm the transaction. Mind that a fee is required to power it on the BSC blockchain (0.00032573BNB at the time this article is written but mind that it's not fixed and may vary).

That's it, you've claimed your WLKN on BSC! The tokens will safely arrive at your BSC-wallet within a short time and you'll see them on (but mind that it may take some time to transfer the tokens).

Here's the transaction:


IMPORTANT: $WLKN token won't be displayed on the list of your tokens in MetaMask app by default - you'll need to import it via the web extension:

  1. open MetaMask extension in your browser;

  2. press 'Import tokens';

  1. fill in the fields:

  • token contract address: 0x657Ef7AF0FffC7AC913A0492150060935B668F2c

  • token symbol: WLKN

  • token decimal: 18

  1. press 'Next' and then 'Import'. Well done!

Same should be done in the mobile app if you'd like to see WLKN on the list of your assets.


When transfering tokens from BSC to Solana, there's one more step to complete due to BSC network operation neunces. Let's transfer 200 WLKN back from BSC to Solana and break it down.

1) Select the networks and enter the token amount.

2) Press the 'Approve' button to approve the upcoming token transfer. Please refer to this article for further info on token allowances:

3) Tap 'Yes, Approve".

4) Next, enter the amount of tokens you allow to be transfered. Please note that it shouldn't be lower than the amount of tokens you'd like to transfer. Press 'Next'.

5) Press 'Approve'

6) Congrats, tokens are allowed to be transfered.

7) Now press 'Transfer' and wait for the transaction to process and then claim the tokens.

8) Tap 'Confirm' to receive the tokens to your Solana wallet. Mind a fee in SOL to be paid.


If you look to get WLKN on PancakeSwap for USDT, we're here to guide you along the way. First you’ll need to make sure your USDT is on the right blockchain, that is BSC. There are several options that will work:

  1. You have USDT on Solana (or Arbitrum) already - then you can transfer them to BSC via the bridge the same way that we showed above.

  2. Another option is to transfer your USDT you have on any blockchain to an exchange and from there transfer them to the BSC wallet you have connected on PancakeSwap. Make sure to select BEP-20 on the withdrawal screen:

  1. If you need to buy USDT, please follow the link to learn how to do so on Bybit (taking $WLKN as an example, but the same works for USDT as well):

! Make sure to select BEP-20 and specify the correct wallet address (BSC or BEP-20) when withdrawing your USDT.

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