Tips for trading on the marketplace

To buy an item:

  • tap on the selected item and the currency (if it is possible);

  • click the β€˜Confirm and buy’ button;

  • if you have enough $WLKN tokens to complete the purchase, the item will go straight to your β€˜Collectible’ (it may take up to 10 min);

  • then you can continue shopping or open β€˜Collectibles’ and check the purchase.

To sell an item:

  • selected item that you want to sell and click the β€˜Sell’ button;

  • enter the price and select the currency;

  • press the β€˜Confirm and sell’ button;

  • your item is already for sale and as soon as someone buys it, you will immediately receive the tokens .

To use the item purchased:

  • open β€˜Collectibles’ tab;

  • select a CAThlete;

  • scroll down and tap on a slot with the item category you’d like to put on a CAThlete;

  • select one from the items available and click β€˜Save equipment’.

When trading on the Marketplace, keep in mind the following:

  • All transactions in the Marketplace are processed on the blockchain and therefore may take a bit more time to process than usual. It may take up to several minutes for the transaction to be verified and for the NFT to be transferred to you.

  • You may buy or sell NFTs for SOL and $WLKN token, so double-check the price for which you are selling the CAThlete\Item. If you make a mistake and NFTs are immediately bought, it will be impossible to cancel the action or refund the payment.

  • There is a 5% commission for selling any NFT, plus the gas fee taken by Solana blockchain. Please note that if you change your mind and remove your NFT from selling, Solana will also charge the gas fee.

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