Team Composition

It is possible to participate in the Games with teams consisting of:
  • a team leader only or
  • a team leader and up to 4 team members — that’s 5 CAThletes in total per team.
Each player can register unlimited number of teams for particular Games. The CAThletes forming one team must all be eligible to compete in the same League, yet not necessarily be of the same level.
While the Games are on, the participating CAThletes remain available for Duels and breeding, but they as well as the items on them will be impossible to take off or sell until the current Games end. It will also be impossible to dress the CAThlete already registered for the games. This is done to prevent cheating behaviour and ensure an accurate calculation of the chances to get rewards, which are influenced by the rarity of CAThletes and items.
Please note that the screenshots are for illustrative purposes only. You may always find all the current information in the Walken app.
It's a good idea to try different CAThletes, see the team's chances and go for the optimum team set-up and best chances for highest rewards.
Once a player applies for the CAThletic Games with a particular team, the snapshot of their Rank and Mysberry balance is taken and will be used to calculate the amount of tokens received from a random chest at the end of the Games.