$WLKN is an SPL token, earned in Competitions in Walken and available for purchase on exchanges. These tokens are used for levelling up CAThletes, breeding, purchasing Mysberries as well as trading on the Marketplace: buying and selling various NFT items and CAThletes.

$WLKN balance, transactions, and wallet details are accessible from the yellow Wallet screen (please note that the exact UI of the screen may differ from the current one used in the app yet all the elements on it remain):

1) your public wallet address;

2) receive tokens button, tap it to share your wallet address if you look to receive tokens to your wallet;

3) send tokens button, tap it if you look to send or withdraw tokens from the wallet;

4) your pending $WLKN balance (please check out this article for more info).

$WLKN is currently listed on CEX: Bybit, Huobi, Gate.io, AscendEX, Bitget, Coinstore.com. Also DEX: PancackeSwap and Radium.

Feel free to check Price across the Markets, Trading Volume, MCap Circulating and Total Supply, Official Contract and Token Sale Research page with ROI across the private and public rounds on Cryptorank.

Beware of buying tokens pear to pear or from scam groups in socials. Trust verified communities only. WLKN is not officially listed on PancakeSwap!

Always double check and beware of scam. ⚠️The address of the authentic $WLKN Solana Token is as follows: https://explorer.solana.com/address/EcQCUYv57C4V6RoPxkVUiDwtX1SP8y8FP5AEToYL8Az

EVM contract: 0x657Ef7AF0FffC7AC913A0492150060935B668F2c


πŸ“ Tip: invest $WLKNs to earn more: level up your CAThlete to enter higher-level Leagues for higher rewards, and buy items to boost its stats.

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