Walken: CAThlete Blast

Join the excitement of Walken: CAThlete Blast, a brand new and thrilling addition to The Cuze ecosystem. Embark on an adventure like no other with CAThlete Bob, tackle scores of levels, take advantage of awesome boosters, and reap generous rewards. Our secret weapon here is the absolutely adorable 'edition' of CAThletes that will be both your challenge and faithful companions along the way. On top of unique, addictive gameplay, CAThlete Blast offers a ticket to earning coveted chests filled with $WLKN, Gems, and Mysberries (which will never go amiss in Walken, you know).

DOWNLOAD NOW: https://walken-blast.onelink.me/VZ6K/uewue68v

Please note that the game is available for Android 11+ versions.

Getting Started

If you've been with the Cuze for a while, when you install this new game, all you need to do is log in using the same authentication method and email you use for Walken and other ecosystem games. Like in all other ecosystem games, this links Blast with the main application, making it easy to receive rewards like $WLKN, Mysberries, and Gems directly to your wallet.

New to Walken? Create your account in Walken CAThlete Blast, and you'll have access to the Cuze realm using this single account.

How to Have a Blast in Walken: CAThlete Blast

  • First thing first, the game kicks off with a quick tutorial, guiding players to master the basic gameplay skills before jumping into action.

  • To complete a level and earn a card, the task is to collect a set number of CAThletes by 'blasting' them within a limited number of moves.

  • It costs 1 energy out of your 5-energy pool to launch a level (yep, this energy will be deducted even if you'd lose this level). 1 energy refills in 20 minutes. If you’d like to speed it up, it is possible to refill the whole energy pool for 50 Mysberries - but mind there's only 5 refills in 24h.

  • Complete levels and watch your card collection grow: there's a progress bar towards a chest, showing the current count and the required number of cards to unlock the next chest. Every 10 collected cards unlock a random chest β€” bronze, silver, or golden β€” containing $WLKN tokens, Gems, and Mysberries.

  • But there's more! Upon collecting 1500 cards, you'll receive the Ultimate Chest as testament to your gaming prowess. This chest boasts the most magnificent reward ever to be found in Walken: CAThlete Blast game. But please note that once you claim this chest, your gaming progress resets, marking the start of a new chapter in your gaming journey.

  • There are four slots for chests on the main screen, which means you can have no more than four unopened chests at a time (mind that if there are no spare slots, further chests can not be received in exchange for tickets).

  • A chest goes right to a spare slot and remains there until opened. Each chest takes a certain time to open, which can be skipped for Mysberries:

    • bronze - 3 hours or 30 Mysberries;

    • silver - 8 hours or 80 Mysberries;

    • golden - 24 hours or 240 Mysberries.

PRO Tips

  • Dashed lines show the trajectory and rebound of the blast, providing a visual guide to efficiently strike your desired target (or even multiple targets!).

  • The blast can ricochet off walls and game field objects (though not always - pay attention to the colour of the lining). Explore different trajectories to identify the most 'advantageous' ones for striking a maximum number of objects.

  • Pay attention to the numeric values on objects like Rocks, Bushes, Mushrooms, etc. β€” a higher value means more strikes (obviously) needed to free or blast them. Keep this in mind when choosing your target.

  • Enhance your chances to obtain Progress Boosters such as Firecracker, Bomb, and Fan by targeting multiple objects in a single hit. Detonate them strategically to effortlessly and rapidly acquire CAThletes, even if they are well-hidden among obstacles.

  • Keep your eyes peeled for Random Level Boosters such as Portals, Explosive Spheres, etc. that appear on specific levels β€” hitting these objects will bring you strategic advantages.

  • Additionally, pay attention to hints before starting certain levels to leverage this knowledge and achieve your goals more easily.

Bonus Tips!

  • There are different CAThletes, and not just in looks: some of them are dynamic β€” they can move, or become invisible, or hide behind Bushes and Rocks; others can use tricks like growing bushes to add an extra challenge to catching them.

  • Additionally, certain Rocks are indestructible, and thorny Branches re-entwine objects if not successfully destroyed in a single throw.

  • Blaster charges kick off from the center but have the flexibility to land anywhere along the starting line. Subsequently, CAThlete Bob will launch the strike from that point. Therefore, when the entire trajectory is displayed before the throw, concluding at the bottom, consider whether it will be convenient for future strikes or if opting for a different trajectory would be more advantageous.

  • Blast charges rebound solely from the green line on the playing field. Mind that any break in the line will result in the charge stopping at that location. Therefore, thoughtfully strategize trajectories and keep a keen eye on playing field changes.

  • Each level grants you a limited number of strikes. Following each strike, the objects on the field descend by one row. The movement of objects can impact the ease or difficulty of subsequent strikes. Should a missing row take away an unstruck CAThlete, that CAThlete will reappear at the top, potentially increasing the challenge of reaching it.

Embark on an exciting journey with CAThlete Bob! Face new challenges, experience thrilling adventures, and earn valuable rewards! Waste no time β€” download the game and be sure to share your thoughts on Walken: CAThlete Blast!

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