Gems are in-game soft currency, primarily earned by walking and running in real life. Their main use is filling-in your CAThlete’s level progress bar thus getting it ready to be taken to the next level. Extra utility also include breeding.

How to get more GEM

There is a bunch of ways to earn GEM, from walking to engaging in in-game activities. Explore what Walken has to offer, and there will be no lack of GEM:

  • Earn 1 GEM* for every 1000 steps you walk;

*(This is the basic steps-to-GEM ration. The more CAThletes you have, the more gems you get with the help of GEM multiplier. If you have the gem multiplier applied, every step will earn you more gems. Check this article for more info on the Gem multiplier: Gem Multiplier)

Please mind the 10K Daily Step cap: players can convert only first 10000 steps into GEM daily, maximising health benefits and contributing to the game economy sustainability. With 3 multiplier, it will make 30 GEM.

  • Complete your Daily quests and get GEM as a reward;

  • Spin the Fortune Wheel for a chance to earn some GEM daily;

  • Play Walken Runner and get GEM from chests.


πŸ“ Tip: Completing a daily goal of 10k steps will get you 5 extra Gems!

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